Add Videos to Your Mind Maps!

This post was updated on July 14, 2017.

After the recently added Drawn Image feature we’re expanding MindMeister’s media repertoire yet again, this time proudly introducing videos for your mind maps! Videos can be added directly from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and are playable not just in the map editor but also in Presentation Mode, a great enhancement for slideshows of all kinds.

Embed videos in your mind maps

How to Add Videos to Mind Maps

Select a topic in your mind map and go to the sidebar on the right of your map editor. Click on the new video button next to the image and icon buttons.

Click on “Browse videos” to open the video dialog.

Browse videos in the mind map editor

Select a video source, e.g. YouTube. This will automatically search YouTube for the content of your selected topic.

Select a video source and video

Alternatively, you can write or paste any video URL directly into the designated field. In this case the content of the selected topic will be disregarded.

A video embedded in a mind map

And that’s it! Adding videos to your topics is really simple and will definitely enrich your mind maps, making them more engaging and entertaining. Now you can create all sorts of video compilations, such as your top must-see TED talks or your favorite BSB songs ever 😉

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