MindMeister for Android 3.3.1 is Out!

This post was updated on July 14, 2017.

Please note: this article was last updated in 2015. For the latest information on MindMeister for Android, please visit www.mindmeister.com/apps

MindMeister for Android 3.3.1 Update

If you’re using MindMeister’s free mobile app on your Android device, then today is a good day for you: The new version brings a number of awesome features, bug fixes and improvements to your phones and tablets that are definitely worth an update. Take a look at what’s new in 3.3.1.

New Map Layouts

Finally, the various map layouts you already know from our web app are also available on Android! You can choose between 5 different layouts:

  • Default: Classical mind map where topics can be placed freely
  • Aligned: Classical mind map where topics are automatically aligned
  • Right-aligned: All topics in your map are aligned on the right of the center
  • Left-aligned: All topics in your map are aligned on the left of the center
  • Org chart mode: Topics are aligned in an organizational tree structure underneath the center

Org Chart Mode on MindMeister for Android

Copy & Paste for Topic Text

Double-tap on a topic to copy its text. When you create a new topic, you’ll be able to choose whether to paste text from your clipboard or write a new one.


Improved Add-Topic Function

A double-tap near a selected topic now adds a new child topic, just like in our iOS app.

Local Map Search

Looking for a specific map buried deep inside your folder structure? With our new search function, you’ll find it in no time!


Try a Demo Before Signing In

This is mainly interesting for new users: Instead of having to create an account right away, you can now try MindMeister in a demo mode to see if you like it or not – just like in our web app. The map you create in demo mode can then be taken over into your account if you do decide to create one.

And in case you haven’t noticed yet…

Support of Topic Videos

Already available since version 3.2.9 are videos for your mind maps! Using our web app, you can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion to the topics in your maps. Now, those videos are finally also displayed in our Android app (in the form of a play button) and can be opened from right inside the map.


Download MindMeister for Android 3.3.1 now:

MindMeister in Google Play