Announcement: PDF, PNG & Print Go Paid

Starting on June 22nd 2016, our PNG and PDF export as well as the print feature will be available for users of MindMeister’s Personal, Pro, Business, and Education plans only.

Announcement: PDF, PNG & Print Go Paid

Uhm, why’s that?

Export and print are two of the most technically challenging and time consuming features in MindMeister. We’re constantly working to improve the quality of these features to enable people to create complex, well-structured documents, or nice-looking presentations and images from it. Since it’s almost exclusively professionals who need these high-quality exports, we feel that it makes sense to move them into the subscription plans meant for professionals. This also means we’ll be able to provide a better service for our paying users.

OK, but…

What about Education users?

The PDF and PNG export as well as our print feature will of course be available for Edu Personal, Edu Pro and Edu Campus users, too.

Is this change up for discussion?

Nope, sorry.

Where can I complain about this?

Right here in the comments 😉