Sharing Mind Maps on Twitter Just Got Awesome

Our recent update to the MindMeister editor has made sharing mind maps with your social media networks even easier. The new quick share options include share buttons for Facebook, Google+, Biggerplate, and of course Twitter.

Sharing Mind Maps on Twitter Just Got Awesome

How to Share Mind Maps on Social Media

Open your MindMeister mind map and click on the Share button in the footer of the map editor. This will open the new quick share dialog, which lets you invite collaborators (either via email or secure link) as well as share your mind map on social media.

Please note that if your mind map wasn’t already public, clicking on one of the social media share buttons will prompt you whether you agree to publishing it to the web.

Sharing mind maps on social media

Sharing a public map to Google+ and Facebook automatically adds a nice preview image of the mind map to the post, which is obviously a great way to improve engagement rates and simply get people to pay more attention to your post.

Sharing mind maps on Facebook

A study by Stone Temple Consulting found that having an image in a tweet more than doubles chances of it being retweeted. Sharing a mind map on Twitter, however, so far resulted in a simple tweet that included merely the title of the map and a link to it – not the most click-enticing format on social media.

But fear not: our brand new Twitter sharer not only attaches a beautiful preview image of your mind map to the tweet, but also shows the map description, providing your followers with even more information and reason to engage.

Sharing mind maps on Twitter

How to Edit the Mind Map Description

To edit the description of your mind map, open the mind map properties dialog accessible from the top bar in the mind map editor.

Open Map Properties

For best results, write a description that tells your followers exactly what the map is about, but doesn’t give too much of the content away – after all, you still want them to click on the link to view your mind map in more detail.

Adding a description for your mind map

Sharing Public Maps Created by Other People

If you find a public MindMeister mind map you like (for instance in our public map library), you can easily share it to social media, even if you’re not the owner of the map. While you can’t edit the description of other people’s public maps, your tweet will still show the map’s preview image when you use the Twitter sharer in the footer of the public map view.

Sharing public maps on social media

As always, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments. We hope you enjoy sharing mind maps on social media!