Introducing the All-New Public Maps Universe!

In our beautiful new Public Maps Universe, you can follow your favorite mind mappers, copy great maps to your account, and, of course, share your own creations with the world. More than 300,000 interactive mind maps in 10 different categories are ready to be explored – what are you waiting for?

Public Maps Universe

What Is the Public Maps Universe?

Created by professionals, creatives, teachers and students all over the world, the public mind maps stored in MindMeister’s Public Maps Universe contain information about almost every subject imaginable.

Public mind maps provide a visual overview of a whole topic on a single page, and often contain tons of useful links, notes, videos and other resources that you can use. But that’s not all:

They’re interactive: You can zoom in and out, open and close branches, click on links, open attachments and play embedded slideshows.

They’re shareable: You can share interesting maps on your social media channels or link to them from your blog or website.

They’re free: All of the mind maps stored in MindMeister’s Public Maps Universe can be viewed for free.

They’re editable: Most map authors allow you to copy their public maps to your own MindMeister account, where you can then edit them further.

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Browse the New Categories

Besides a complete UI revamp, MindMeister’s Public Maps Universe features 3 awesome new categories for you to explore:

In the category Marketing you’ll find public maps created by SEO specialists, growth hackers, content marketers and other experts. Check out this great mind map about Marketing Strategies and this Marketing Persona template!

In Design you’ll find fantastic maps about UI and UX design, product design, architecture, and much more. Go ahead and browse all design maps now!

Our new Summaries category features mind map summaries of popular books, TED talks and other educational resources. Take a look at this great summary of the book ‘Influence’ by Robert B. Cialdini!

Summaries Mind Map

Follow Other Mappers

Additionally, you can now follow your favorite mind mappers, just like you can follow artists on other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

You can view a list of all mind mappers you follow and scroll through a feed of all the maps they’ve recently published.

My Feed - Public Maps Universe

Why Use Mind Maps?

Mind maps provide a great overview of any subject and help you see how things are connected. By using a two-dimensional structure as well as colors, icons and images to display information, these diagrams become much more memorable than linear text or simple lists.

Millions of professionals as well as students around the world use mind maps daily to improve comprehension and communicate ideas more effectively. 

So What Are You Waiting For?

Head on over to our all-new Public Maps Universe to find interesting maps now, or sign up for a free MindMeister account to create your own awesome maps!

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