One Week to Go! MeisterNote Official Launch Preview

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The countdown begins. In just seven days, on September 8, 2021, we will be celebrating the official launch of MeisterNote and the expansion of the Meister Suite. Our collaborative documentation software has successfully passed the public beta phase and is ready to enter the world! In this post, we’ll cover the updates you need to know about before the big day, introduce some of the teams already enjoying the benefits of MeisterNote, and share how you can get involved with the launch of this truly exciting productivity tool.

One Week to Go! MeisterNote Official Launch Preview

Following the widespread success of the MeisterNote public beta, the team at Meister decided to press full speed ahead with our official launch date, planned for September 8, 2021. We’ve been helped greatly by the excellent, constructive feedback received from thousands of beta users, who have helped us pinpoint exactly what needed to be done before sending our newest baby into the wild. If you were among them, thank you!

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Since our last update on MeisterNote, there’s been plenty of action. We’ve introduced exciting new features, welcomed several fantastic teams to use the tool and prepared some enticing special offers for our FOCUS Blog readers. Find out all about them below.

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Incoming! New Features

We’ve used the weeks since the beta launch of MeisterNote to continue perfecting some extremely valuable features. These make the tool the perfect match for your online documentation requirements. Whether you’re creating a team knowledge base, looking for a smart solution to internal communication, or simply using the app as a personal note-taking tool: MeisterNote has something for everyone. Let’s look at each new feature one by one and see what benefits the latest version of MeisterNote can bring you and your team.

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Version History – Travel Through Time

When you’re creating online documentation as part of a team, keeping track of changes made is essential. That’s why we’ve created a truly innovative, user-friendly revision-tracking tool. Structured logically by time and user, this powerful feature enables you to view older copies of each note in your workspaces, with useful information such as who created which version, when.

Depending on which MeisterNote plan you choose (more information to follow), you’ll gain the possibility to visualize and track changes to your notes over a 7-day, 30-day or unlimited timeframe. The benefits of this feature are countless. You can help prevent knowledge loss in your team by using version history as a backup for older documentation revisions, reduce the risk of your team working with outdated information, and ensure that accountability and traceability are maintained when working with important documents.

Swamped in paperwork? Discover how MeisterNote can help you take the stress out of project documentation.

Templates – Copy. Paste. Write.

During our conversations with users about their needs for an online documentation tool, the ability to create consistent documentation, quickly, was considered a key requirement. Good news for everyone – MeisterNote’s excellent templates feature allows you to do both!

In the latest version of MeisterNote, you can create templates from scratch or even turn any note into a template from the left sidebar. This is particularly useful when you need to create a series of similarly-structured notes, such as scheduled meeting agendas, interviews, monthly update newsletters and more. Keeping a consistent structure makes notes easier to navigate, faster to produce, and spares the effort of formatting. With MeisterNote you can skip the paperwork and focus on what matters.

Never miss a minute. Templates are central to MeisterNote’s features for effective meeting management.

Embedded Content – Everything Inline

If you and your team are compiling documentation from multiple sources, keeping an overview can often be a challenge. That’s where MeisterNote’s embedded content blocks come into play. With the help of the File and the newly-added Embed content blocks, you can add both static and dynamic content inline with the rest of your note.

The File content block allows you to attach files to your notes from local storage: images, PDFs and documents are generally visible in the in-app viewer. On the other hand, Embed content blocks enable you to display media from services such as Spotify, Airtable, Codepen and more.

We’ve linked up with over 20 separate services to make your notes shine: simply select the Embed content block and insert what takes your fancy.

Why Users Already Love MeisterNote

Each tool in the Meister Suite is made special by the people who use it. Even in its beta format, MeisterNote has already found a place in the workflows of companies around the world. One such team, the German-based logistics firm simcargo, has already spoken at length about their initial successes with the tool, which they hope will help reduce onboarding time for new partners from three months to two weeks.

MeisterNote lends itself well to the wiki format. Alongside the note interlinking and document structuring features, we find that we can create informative content that is easy for people to navigate. Info boxes, icons, highlighting etc. help us to bring the most relevant information to the fore.

Roles and permissions have helped us greatly too: the handbook is currently being edited by a number of power users, but we can give others in the company access to selected data with view-only permissions.

The full simcargo case study will be published soon on the FOCUS blog. Add us to your favorites for to-the-minute updates

Plans and Pricing

The end of the public beta phase means that plans and pricing are about to be implemented, starting from launch day on September 8. We will reveal the full details, including what is included in which plan at what price, closer to the release. What we can already confirm is that there will be a free-to-use MeisterNote Basic plan, in addition to Pro and Business plans with differing levels of functionality.

If you are a MeisterNote beta user, you should have already received an email inviting you to use the MeisterNote Business plan for three months after launch, for free. If you didn’t receive the mail, or if you have any other questions, contact our customer success team for help.

Stand by for Launch

With just a week left until the official release of MeisterNote, we could hardly be more excited. To help you create your first notes and workspaces like a pro, we’ve got a unique special offer for you. On Launch Day, we’ll be releasing a special promo code to get you 10% off your first subscription payment to MeisterNote!

We’ve also got a small favor to ask. To coincide with the release, we are introducing MeisterNote on Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a community-based website that allows makers and marketers to launch their products and get in touch with users. The community can jump-start products through votes and reviews, which are essential in the early stages of a product’s lifecycle. If you already have a Product Hunt account, head over there after release and give us your honest feedback on the tool. If you don’t have a Product Hunt account yet, it only takes a couple of minutes and could really help us bring the Meister tools you love to the world.

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