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Finally Reach Inbox Zero

Email Clients

Incoming! Your email client is full to the brim with tasks in disguise. Get your inbox under control with MeisterTask’s email integrations. Create tasks directly from your inbox, sending them to the project and section of your choice.

Get Notified. Create Tasks.


Missing out on important updates? MeisterTask integrates with all your favourite communication tools. Configure automatic updates to your channels with task activity, create tasks from emails and forms, sync due dates with your calendars and more.

Create. Track. Commit.

Development Tools

Not only is MeisterTask the perfect tool for Agile project management, it also integrates with your favourite dev tools. Auto-complete tasks with commit messages, create tasks from bug reports and link to commits straight from MeisterTask.

Stay on Track.

Time Tracking

Tick tock. MeisterTask provides built-in time tracking on every task, in addition to integrations with all the top time tracking tools.

Ticket? Task!

Customer Service

Ticket system overloaded? Customer satisfaction scores suffering? Create tasks directly from tickets – they’ll update automatically when the task is completed.

Attachment Disorder?

File Storage

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video attachments are worth at least two thousand. An integration with your cloud storage system? Priceless. Attach any file directly from the cloud to your tasks.

Make the Change

Import Tasks

Switching to MeisterTask from another tool? Good choice. It’s never been easier to make the leap: simply import your existing tasks, projects and even assignees.

Work Smarter, not Harder


In addition to our native automations, MeisterTask connects to popular workflow tools that enable seamless integrations with thousands of other apps. Set up powerful workflows with Jira, Evernote, Toggl and more.

Want to add your own integration?

Interested in becoming a MeisterTask integration partner? Fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you. We review integration partners quarterly.

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