Smart Task Management for Teams.

More Clarity. More Productivity.

Productive. Efficient. On time. Ready to boost efficiency with MeisterTask? Bring order to your team’s daily business and create future-proof workflows.

  • Tasks are logically structured and contain important information and updates.
  • More overview of personal tasks and team projects: better prioritization.
  • Communication within your team becomes more transparent and efficient.
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“MeisterTask brings transparency to project management. We’re working so much more efficiently now, so we need fewer meetings. MeisterTask has enabled us to collaborate and communicate better.”

Michael Münster

Head of Department for Processes and Quality Management, VR-Bankverein Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg eG.

Save Valuable Time for You and Your Colleagues.

Task Management with Kanban Boards.

Kanban boards are a visual representation of your team’s workflows. In MeisterTask, tasks are moved between sections (e.g. Open, In Progress, Done) as they are worked on, giving everyone an instant overview of task status and project progress. The benefits at a glance:

Collect all information.

In one place.

Tasks in MeisterTask are central communication hubs, built to give you fingertip access to everything you need to know. Use the comments function to keep all communication on the task.

A task in MeisterTask holds all the necessary information, images, comments, reactions and attachments.

Organize efficiently.


Agenda is your own personal “home screen”. Arrange all of the tasks that are important to you in one place. Track, gather and analyze data on project performance by creating reports.

All tasks that you want to keep track of are saved in the MeisterTask agenda.

Delegate better.


MeisterTask is built for effective online collaboration: mention co-workers in comments, add them as project watchers and assign tasks quickly and easily.

Teams can work together from anywhere within a task management tool.

Inform immediately.


Real-time notifications keep you informed about any project updates. With everyone on the same page, your team can respond quickly and efficiently to any questions and complete tasks on time.

Notifications provide information about comments, mentions and reactions within MeisterTask.

Take Control.


Use MeisterTask’s Kanban-style project boards to keep track of your tasks throughout the entire workflow. Increase accountability in your team and manage tasks more effectively.

A Kanban board in MeisterTask showing an overview of the project and tasks assigned to employees.

Task Management with MeisterTask.

Working for You.

MeisterTask perfectly adapts to the needs of your business and keeps your team members on the same page – whether you’re digitalizing everyday tasks or managing more complex projects. Take team productivity and communication to the next level with MeisterTask.

Get ready…

The Dashboard is your springboard to ultra-efficient task management. Configure your Dashboard however you like to keep on top of upcoming tasks, notifications, time tracking data, and much more.

Get set…

Using MeisterTask’s flexible Kanban-style project boards, you can streamline processes and manage your tasks all in one place. Keep your team members on the same page to ensure everyone knows what they’re doing and prevent deadlines from being missed.


Everything you need to know, right here: from checklists and files to due dates and discussions. Tasks include all of the information you need, in the context you need it, to work and communicate effectively.

Personal Task Management

Agenda is your own personal pinboard. Organize all of the tasks that are important to you, from any project, all in one place. Agenda puts you in control.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property.

Your Privacy. Our Priority.

MeisterTask is a Trusted Cloud certified service and fully EU-GDPR compliant. All our apps are hosted in the European Union in ISO 27001 certified data centers in Frankfurt, Germany. Other top-level security features include standard 256-bit SSL encryption, two-factor authentication and granular in-app permissions.

A shield with stars representing that MeisterTask is GDRP compliant.

See the Big Picture.

Unleash the Power of Kanban Boards.

A due date can be set for each task in MeisterTask.

Tip 1: Set Due Dates

Set due dates in MeisterTask to keep productivity high, locate bottlenecks quickly and ensure you never miss a deadline.

The Gantt-chart style timeline in MeisterTask allows you to adjust deadlines for each task.

Tip 2: Use Timeline

Use MeisterTask’s Gantt-style Timeline feature to plan, schedule and visualize all of your project’s tasks in a calendar-based format.

A larger task has been divided into three smaller tasks to provide a clearer overview.

Tip 3: Get Organized

Break complex tasks into smaller, more manageable to-dos to lend clarity and structure to your project.

MeisterTask Integrates With Over 20 Tools You Already Use.


MeisterTask Integration Dropbox

We are changing the (working) world.

See Measurable Success With Effective Task Management.

The difference between task management and project management.

What is Task Management?

Do you know the difference between task and project management? Let us explain, and we’ll show you how to use MeisterTask to improve your management workflows.

Three figures use a MeisterTask project to manage their tasks.

Task Management for Your Team.

Learn how to get started with MeisterTask straight away. It’s task management with none of the complex user onboarding. Get started. Get organized.

Two people work together on different devices in a MeisterTask project.

Agile Task Management.

At the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), more than 2,900 employees use MeisterTask to manage projects and tasks on a daily basis.

Task Management Made Easy. With MeisterTask.

Take Collaboration and Communication to the Next Level.

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