New Section Actions & Easy Printing for MeisterTask

This post was updated on July 13, 2017.

We have not one but two new and exciting MeisterTask announcements to share with you in this post! We’ve released two brand new sections and enabled printing from MeisterTask, meaning you can now print projects simply and efficiently. Read on for steps on how to utilize these two new functions!

New Section Actions and Easy Printing for MeisterTask

1. New Section Actions

Section Actions are a power feature in MeisterTask that let you automate recurring steps in your task management workflow. As a result, section actions enable your team to work more consistently and efficiently. Two months after releasing the first three Section Actions for MeisterTask we’ve already got two more of these incredibly handy automations for you in our web app:

MeisterTask Section Actions

Our first three Section Actions all have one thing in common. They directly affect tasks, either by changing their status, reassigning them or moving them to another section/project. Our two latest actions, on the other hand, don’t affect the tasks themselves. Instead, they are all about communicating task changes, either to members of your project or to stakeholders outside of your core team. Let’s take a closer look:

The Slack Action

The new Slack Action automatically sends a message to a user definable Slack channel when a task is created or dropped into the section.

MindMeister Slack integration

When to use this action

There are tons of use cases for this automation that will speed up your workflow and help spread information to the relevant stakeholders. Here are just two of them to inspire you:

  • Connect your development team’s “Done” section to your #customer-support channel in Slack to keep support staff in the loop about bug fixes in your products.
  • Connect the “In Progress” section of your software sprint to the #marketing channel in Slack. That way your marketing team stays informed about upcoming features and can prepare related promotions in time.

MeisterTask message in Slack


The Email Action

This action triggers an automatic email whenever a task is created or dropped into the particular section. The email can be sent to the task owner, the entire project team or a custom email address.

Email Section Action in MeisterTask

When to use this action

Here are some use case ideas for MeisterTask’s email action:

  • In your “Sales Funnel” project, set up an email notification for the “Transacted” section to notify your superior of the successful closure.
  • Inform stakeholders who are not part of your project or Slack team (e.g. clients, business partners etc.) whenever a task is moved into the “For Review” section.

MeisterTask Email Section Actions

Please note: All Section Actions are currently available for free but will eventually become part of MeisterTask Pro (coming soon!).

2. Easy Project Printing

Need a hard copy of your project for a meeting or status report? No problem, with our new print feature you’ll create an elegant print version in seconds. Just open project settings and click on the three gray dots in the upper right corner. Select Print from the drop-down menu.

Project Settings

The print version will list all tasks from your project starting with the first task in the first section on the left. Tasks will be grouped by section and display all relevant information from checklists to deadlines. Comments and attachments that may have been added to the task will be indicated with icons.

Print version of MeisterTask project

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