New Time Tracking & Attachment Improvements

This post was updated on July 13, 2017.

We’re back after the Thanksgiving holidays with full stomachs (mmm gravy) and some very cool new updates for MeisterTask. Read on to find out what’s new!

Time Tracking Improvements for MeisterTask

Task Attachments

MeisterTask now offers support for previewing documents using the popular Google Docs Viewer. That means that you can quickly glance at PDFs, read Word documents and peek at text files without having to download anything first.

Quickly view task attachments with the Google Docs Viewer - MeisterTask time tracking

MeisterTask now also shows thumbnails and previews for video attachments such as MP4s, WMV etc. Of course, you can disable these inline thumbnails in your account’s Appearance settings.

Video thumbnails in MeisterTask's task tiles - MeisterTask time tracking

Time Tracking

We now have a fresh and super clean design for the time tracking interface which visualizes the time you’ve spent on a task in a neat little diagram.

Time tracking improvements in MeisterTask - MeisterTask time tracking

The time tracking overview (usually accessible within the project info dialog) has been temporarily disabled while it’s getting its own big overhaul. As this is part of our big upcoming Statistics & Reports update, the current ETA for this is January/February 2016.

Export to Harvest

We’ve also added an option to export all time slips for a project as a CSV file. The exported file can be imported directly into Harvest, a fantastic time tracking tool that lets you visualize your time sheets, analyze your team’s productivity and much more.

To export your tracked time, just click on the ( i ) button to open the project info dialog, then click on the three grey dots on the top right. Select ‘Export time tracking‘ from the list to download the CSV file.

Time tracking export - MeisterTask time tracking

By the way, Cyber Monday is coming up, so if you’re thinking about upgrading to MeisterTask’s awesome Pro plan be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox 😉