New Features & MeisterTask Android Beta Out Now!

Update 13th March 2017: Our new native MeisterTask for Android app is out! The browser-based version first introduced in this article is no longer available, so be sure to head on over to Google Play and download the new app there.

MeisterTask Android Beta

We know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting our Android app ever since MeisterTask’s launch last year. That is why we’re extremely happy to announce that the beta version of MeisterTask’s first Android app was finally released today!

MeisterTask Android Beta

Download MeisterTask for Android

In other news, MeisterTask’s web app has gotten some pretty cool new features that you should definitely check out as well. We continue our evolution with a new platform integration and with new actions meant to speed up your workflow and make task management even more enjoyable.

Bulk Task Actions

Having to click on all your completed tasks in order to archive them is a dreaded task itself (especially when you’ve had a productive week). With bulk actions you can complete and subsequently archive all tasks in an entire section at once. Efficiency boost: check.

Bulk Actions in MeisterTask

Convert Tasks to Projects

Ever created a task that turned out to be much larger and more complex than you had anticipated? Sometimes it’s worth to turn these mega tasks into projects themselves in order to keep things manageable. This new feature lets you quickly turn an existing task into a project board and creates tasks from the checklist items inside. Adaptability: check.

Converting Tasks to Projects in MeisterTask

Direct Replies from Notifications

When someone leaves a comment on one of your tasks you receive a notification in your MeisterTask dashboard. Hovering over this notification now offers a direct reply button that takes you straight to the task’s comment dialog. Convenience: check.

Direct reply to notifications in MeisterTask

Upload Attachments from Box

A vital part of any good task management tool are its integrations with other applications and platforms, and we know that most MeisterTask users like to store and manage their content in third-party tools. After Google Drive and Dropbox we’ve now also added an integration with the popular file sharing and content mangement platform, so you can easily add attachments directly from your Box account.

Upload attachments from

In other, other news, we’ve also simplified the installation process of our Slack integration, improved MeisterTask’s CSV export and squished a bunch of annoying little bugs. Be sure to check back again soon or follow us on Twitter to hear about new MeisterTask improvements right away!