MeisterTask 2.0 for iOS Is Out!

This post was updated on July 13, 2017.

We’re thrilled to announce that MeisterTask 2.0, providing efficient task management for iOS, is out! Read on for details on how the iOS app has improved and where to download it, free!

MeisterTask 2.0 for iOS Is Out!

MeisterTask’s latest update brings a completely new dashboard experience to your iPhone as well as built-in time tracking, a quick section switcher and more! Download MeisterTask 2.0 from the App Store now or check out this short video showcasing the app’s highlights:

What’s New in Version 2.0

MeisterTask 2.0 features a complete UI overhaul, including a new task detail view, redesigned tags and a different font (the beautiful San Francisco). However, you’ll find the most prominent changes in the dashboard, which now consists of three tabs: Projects (a list of all your active projects), What’s New (notifications from your team members), and My Tasks, which now offers a quick overview of all your tasks, with due/overdue and focus tasks at the top of the list. You can quickly switch between tabs by tapping on the footer or by swiping left/right.

New Dashboard for MeisterTask 2.0 - task management for iOS

Note that notifications are now automatically marked as read when the corresponding task is opened.

Time Tracking

Keep track of the time you spend on each task and see how productive you’ve been throughout the week with MeisterTask’s new time tracking feature. Time slips can easily be edited after the fact in case you forgot to track one of your activities.MeisterTask Time Tracking on iPad - task management for iOSQuick Section Switcher

Pretty self-explanatory, the quick section switcher lets you quickly switch between sections in your projects, which comes in particularly handy when you’re trying to move a task from one end of the board to another. Just pull down the section or click on the little triangle in the section header to get to the switcher.

Section Switcher - task management for iOS
What Else Is New?

MeisterTask now uses a new emoji syntax – the same one you know from cool apps like Slack. To insert an emoji into a comment, just type : followed by the emoji code and another :

Emojis - task management for iOS

Get MeisterTask for iOS

…it’s free 😉

PS: MeisterTask’s beautiful Mac app also just received a small update with a number of big and small bug fixes. If you want to use MeisterTask on your Mac, be sure to get the latest version!