Create Amazing Workflows with MeisterTask Using IFTTT!

We’re very proud to announce that MeisterTask now has its own channel on IFTTT, the popular web service that helps you be more productive by automating workflows for you! IFTTT, which stands for ‘If this then that‘, offers more than 300 channels all in all—you’ll find anything from popular apps like Slack and Evernote to WiFi-enabled refrigerators and even health trackers for your dog!

MeisterTask and IFTTT

In IFTTT, channels can be connected to create Recipes. There are two kinds:

IF Recipes:

The classic IF Recipe consists of a trigger and an action, and MeisterTask can be either one. Here’s a list of all actions and triggers currently supported:


Task created in section. This trigger fires when a new task is created in a section. Please note that it does not fire when an existing task is simply moved from another section.

Task created in project. This trigger fires when a new task is created in the specified project. Please note that it does not fire when a task is being moved over from an existing project.

Task assigned to me. This trigger fires whenever a task is assigned to you.


Create a task. This action will create a new task in the section you specify.

Once set up, IF Recipes run in the background, so you can focus on more important stuff 🙂

DO Recipes:

DO Recipes run with just a tap—you can download the IFTTT app for your smartphone and create your personalized button, camera and note which then quickly performs the desired action (such as ‘Create a task‘) when activated.

IFTTT DO Button MeisterTask

How to Get Started with MeisterTask & IFTTT

Signing up for IFTTT is quick, painless and free. There’s no need to enable the integration in MeisterTask first, so you can just head on over to their website and create your account there. Once you’re logged in, you can start creating your very own recipes with MeisterTask and other tools you use. But don’t forget to check out our channel for some awesome ready-made Recipes first! Here are our top 5:

IFTTT Recipe: Create WordPress posts from new tasks added to your MeisterTask project connects meistertask to wordpress

IFTTT Recipe: Create a task in MeisterTask when you publish a new video on YouTube connects youtube to meistertask

IFTTT Recipe: Turn GitHub issues assigned to you into MeisterTask tasks connects github to meistertask

IFTTT Recipe: If a new reminder is added to a specific list, create a task in my MeisterTask project connects ios-reminders to meistertask

IFTTT Recipe: If a specific tag is added to a note, create a new MeisterTask task connects evernote to meistertask

Using IFTTT, you can also create recurring tasks in MeisterTask! Here’s a short video to show you how easy it is:

Get Started with IFTTT