September Update: Quick Switcher, Slack Buttons, iOS Version 2.2 and More!

The dog days are finally over here in Vienna and our team has started the fall season with a bunch of cool updates for MeisterTask’s web app and iOS app. September brings improvements to our search functionality, the Slack integration as well as our project sections. 

September Update: Quick Switcher, Slack Buttons, iOS Version 2.2 and More!

Quick Switcher

Press CMD+K (or CTRL+K if you’re on Windows) to open the new quick switcher. Use it to quickly navigate between your recently opened projects and tasks using the arrow and Enter keys on your keyboard, or type a search term into the field at the top to jump to any other task in your projects. MeisterTask will show you suggestions for possible matches as you type.

Slack Buttons

We think you’ll love the handy new buttons that appear whenever you use MeisterTask’s Slack integration. Whether you’re using the Section Action to notify your Slack team about new tasks, or are creating MeisterTask tasks directly in a Slack channel – the buttons are a convenient way to add tags, due date or assignee to the task you’ve created. A fourth button also lets you quickly move the task to another section.

Slack buttons

Section Descriptions

MeisterTask’s project boards allow you to create, name, and order sections freely, so you can develop the perfect workflow for you and your team. By adding a short description to each section in your project, you ensure that team members know exactly how each section is meant to be used, and guard against misunderstandings.

To add a description to your section, just click on the little downward arrow in the section header and select ‘Add description‘ in the dropdown menu. Write your instructions into the field that appears underneath the section colors – they will be saved automatically.

Section Descriptions in MeisterTask

New Section Icons

Adding an icon to a section header helps convey the section’s purpose at a glance. That’s why we’ve greatly extended our icon library, adding categories for technology, productivity, activities and more. Now you can set up the perfect project for your school and homework activities…

School and Homework Activities

…for your app development…

App development

…and your Halloween party!

Halloween Party

MeisterTask 2.2 for iOS

Our latest update for MeisterTask’s iOS version adds custom background images as well as the new section icons that are also available in our web app now.

To change your background image, tap on your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen. Select Settings from the menu. In your Settings, select Dashboard Background Image. There you can choose between gradients, MeisterTask images, and the custom images you’ve previously uploaded using the web app.

Choosing a different background image in MeisterTask

To change a section icon, start by opening your project. Tap on the downward arrow in the section header, then tap on Edit. You’ll see a preview of twelve icons. To see the rest of the icon library with all the new productivity, technology, and activity icons, tap on the little arrow on the right.

How to change section icons in MeisterTask for iOS

Head on over to the App Store and get the latest version of MeisterTask for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch!

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