A New Trigger for MeisterTask on Zapier

In case you missed it, Zapier is a platform that lets you connect your favorite web apps to create automated workflows between them without any programming skills. It’s a great way to connect MeisterTask with calendars, time tracking tools, productivity apps, and even social media networks. 

A new trigger for MeisterTask on Zapier

When setting up such an automation (called ‘Zap‘), MeisterTask can be used both as a trigger (e.g. Whenever a new task is created in MeisterTask, an action in another app is performed) or an action (e.g. Whenever a particular action is performed in an app you use, a new task is created in MeisterTask).

A New Trigger for MeisterTask

So far the triggers available in MeisterTask all focused on the creation of something new – a new project being set up, a new task being created, a new person being added to a project, and so forth. Our latest update however adds a new trigger that’s all about wrapping things up: Task Completion.

MeisterTask Triggers in Zapier

There are a number of ways this new trigger can help you be more productive, for instance, you can use it to automatically inform team members about completed tasks by sending a message to the chat app you’re using; managers may find it useful to collect a list of all completed tasks from their team in a Google Sheet.

Please note: This trigger is activated by any task completed in any of your active projects, by any team member. More specific triggers (such as tasks completed in a certain project or by a certain team member) will follow!

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