G2 Crowd Report Lists MeisterTask as a High Performer

This post was updated on March 18, 2020.

Yesterday, G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, released their Summer 2017 Project Management report and we’re thrilled to share that MeisterTask has been listed as a High Performer!

G2 crowd project management tools MeisterTask

According to G2 Crowd, the results are based on reviews from over 5,300 authenticated users. These user reviews, combined with an assessment of vendor market presence undertaken by the G2 Crowd team, defined who made the cut for the ‘High Performers’ list.

G2 Crowd hopes that the results from the report will help businesses to make the best project management buying decisions, so it goes without saying that we’re really pleased that MeisterTask has been highlighted!

G2 Crowd’s Key Findings:

Key findings from the report include the fact that the ability to work communicatively and transparently is a key priority for teams when choosing a project management solution. In their press release, G2 Crowd explained:

“As in the previous version of the report, the majority of the products in this report scored above 80% in Collaborative Project Planning. Users said that project management software helped greatly with company-wide communication and transparency by creating a centralized platform featuring all projects and tasks. According to users, this effectively created an environment of ownership and accountability.”

At MeisterTask, we’re all about enabling teams to work collaboratively and in a transparent way.

With the Kanban-style Project Boards in MeisterTask, teams are able to track task and project progression from ideation to completion. By providing a visual roadmap of tasks to be completed, and with each task assigned to one person, we aim to support teams to work transparently and with accountability.

transparent project management Project Board in MeisterTask G2 Crowd High Performer

What our users had to say:

Mentioning how MeisterTask supports their distributed team to manage projects in a collaborative way, one G2 Crowd reviewer shared:

“For my business, I have a set-up of LocalHost, App & Main Website. From each MeisterTask Project, I’m able to create an ‘Idea’ Section, ‘Working On’ Section, ‘Complete’ Section and others. This helps us to take tasks from the very beginning to the end while getting feedback from our staff at every stage of the process. It makes running our projects more reliable and quicker from start to finish.”

It’s always great to hear firsthand how we’re supporting teams to do what you do best! A big thanks to this user and all other MeisterTask users who voted in the G2 Crowd survey ❤️

If you like using MeisterTask and would like to contribute to a future G2 Crowd survey, please feel free to leave a review on the MeisterTask product listing – we’ll love you for it!


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