New: MeisterTask for Gmail Turns Emails into Tasks!

We’re proud to introduce MeisterTask for Gmail, a free add-on that turns your emails into tasks at the click of a button. Move important to-dos straight into your task management system and reach inbox zero in a jiffy!

MeisterTask for Gmail

MeisterTask for Gmail is a free add-on that connects your inbox with your MeisterTask account. Once you’ve installed and authorized the add-on, it appears in Gmail’s sidebar whenever you open an email.

To use the add-on, simply click on the MeisterTask icon. Choose which project and section the email should be added to, then click ‘Create Task’.

The subject line of the email will be turned into the task title, while the body of the email will be added to the task in the form of notes. You can modify both right inside the add-on if you like.

Turning emails into tasks with MeisterTask for Gmail

Your email instantly appears as a task in the project board you’ve chosen. To visit MeisterTask and edit the task further, click on ‘View Task’. This opens the task dialog, where you can add an assignee, due date, checklist items, tags and much more.

MeisterTask Task Dialog

Click on the X in the top-right corner to close the dialog and view the task inside your project board. In the board, you can move the task from one section to the next to indicate its current status. How many sections your project has is completely up to you. In a growth experiment board such as the one pictured below, the task might move through four different stages until it’s completed.

MeisterTask Project

Tip: Using a section action, you can automatically keep stakeholders in the loop about your task’s progress. For instance, you could notify the person that sent you the original email as soon as your task is moved into the last section in your project, marking its completion.

How to Install MeisterTask for Gmail

The MeisterTask add-on is available for free in the G Suite Marketplace.

Visit the G Suite Marketplace

In the Marketplace, click on the Install button and then follow the installation wizard to authorize the add-on.

MeisterTask for Gmail

After you’ve authorized the add-on, go to your inbox and open an email you’d like to send to MeisterTask. The MeisterTask icon will appear on the right side of your inbox. Click on the icon to open the add-on and login to MeisterTask (you only have to do this once).

That’s it – you’re ready to use the add-on! Take a look at this short demo video to see how it works:

Get MeisterTask for Gmail now to turn important emails into tasks and ensure that important to-dos don’t get lost in endless email threads!

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