New on Android: Shortcut, Widgets & Time Tracking!

MeisterTask 1.2 for Android just hit the Google Play Store! Our latest update introduces a shortcut and widgets, which enable you to create tasks quickly without opening the app. Best of all, time tracking is finally available on your Android phone and tablet!

MeisterTask 1.2 for Android

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1. Shortcut

Using the new MeisterTask shortcut, you can create new tasks without having to open the app first. To use the shortcut, long-tap on the MeisterTask icon on your home screen until the shortcut appears, then tap on the plus button. This opens a task dialog where you can add all the task’s details and select a project and section for your task.

MeisterTask Shortcut

2. Widgets

Widgets are another great way to quickly add new tasks without having to open MeisterTask and navigate to a specific project first. You can even have multiple widgets, each one connected to a different project and section.

To add a widget, long-tap onto a free space on your home screen, then select the widgets option from the menu that pops up. Scroll through your list of available widgets until you find MeisterTask.

Tap on MeisterTask’s widget and drag and drop it onto your home screen. In the Quick Add Settings, you can select the project and section that you want to connect with the widget. Finish the setup by hitting the ‘Save Changes’ button.

MeisterTask Widget

3. Time Tracking

Open any task in your MeisterTask account and hit the clock button in the top-right corner to start the timer. The same button also stops the timer.

Further down in the task dialog you’ll find the time tracking field that shows the overall tracked time for the task. Tap on this field to see an overview of all team members that have tracked time for this task.

Tapping on a user’s tracked time shows all of the user’s tracked intervals. You can view other users’ intervals, but you can only edit your own.

Take a look at this short demo video that shows all three new features in action:


Get MeisterTask 1.2 for Android