NEW: Integrate MeisterTask with 2,000+ Apps via Zapier

You can now connect MeisterTask with over 2000 other web apps, via the power of Zapier. With no coding required, you can set up workflows that send MeisterTask data to and from your favorite tools, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Salesforce and hundreds more.

MeisterTask integrates 1000 apps Zapier

Automate Between MeisterTask and 2,000+ Apps via Zapier ?

Last week, Zapier announced that you can now connect MeisterTask with over 2,000 other apps, meaning the list of possible task automations is pretty much endless!

What makes this extra exciting is that MeisterTask has been listed in the top 100 for user popularity!

Considering all the other wonderful apps integrated with Zapier, we’re incredibly chuffed to hear this.

Zapier Top 100 automate by zapier

As a little thanks, we thought we’d give something back to our MeisterTask users, so we’re proud to introduce Automate by Zapier! Our new in-app functionality, enabling users to set up Zaps directly within MeisterTask.

A Zap is an automation that sends data from one app to another when a trigger occurs, often leading to an action. For example, you can set up a Zap that creates a MeisterTask task in your designated project board, every time a tagged email enters your inbox.

So without further ado, here’s what the new Zapier updates have in store:

How to Create MeisterTask Zaps with Automate by Zapier

Whereas before you would need to head over to the Zapier website to set up a Zap, MeisterTask users can now set up an automated workflow from directly within MeisterTask!

1. Open MeisterTask

Open up MeisterTask, or sign up if you haven’t already. You’ll need a Zapier account too, of course.

2. Choose your project

To do this, enter your project and click on the ( i ) button in the top bar to open the project settings. Click on Manage, then switch to the Features tab. Scroll down until you see Automate by Zapier and click on Add.

Automate by Zapier Integrate with MeisterTask Zapier

3. Pick the app

From there, you’ll be taken to MeisterTask’s Automate by Zapier page, where you can choose from a number of apps and pre-made Zaps.

Click on any of the apps listed on the page to see a selection of the Zap templates available.

Automate by Zapier Integrate with MeisterTask Zapier choose app

4. Choose the Zap

Once on the app of your choice, scroll through the list of pre-created Zaps and click on Create, next to the Zap you’d like to add.

Automate by Zapier Integrate with MeisterTask Zapier choose zap

5. Follow Zapier’s simple instructions

Next, a Zapier window will open on the same page. At this point, you’ll be taken through the simple steps of setting up the Zap, linked with your chosen project board.

Automate by Zapier Integrate with MeisterTask Zapier follow instructions

Can’t spot the automation you’d like on our Automate by Zapier page? Head to the MeisterTask integration page on Zapier to set up the workflow yourself – no coding required!

So with the 2000+ integrations, come a whole load of possible Zaps! Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

4 Ways to Get More Done with MeisterTask and Zapier

1. Achieve inbox zero by converting emails into tasks

Sift through a large number of emails on a daily basis?

Set up a Zap to automatically convert actionable emails into tasks in your designated MeisterTask project board.

MeisterLabs community round-up 2017 workflows meistertask email zapier

2. Never miss a deadline with synced calendars

Need to collate numerous team deadlines and dates, all in one place?

Sync your team’s Google Calendar with your MeisterTask project, so that all meetings, events, and launches are listed on your team project board.

meeting calendar in meistertask with zapier

3. Turn leads into clients with an automated sales funnel

Nurturing leads from initial contact to successful sale?

Create a Lead Funnel project in MeisterTask and connect it with your favorite lead generation solutions, such as Salesforce. Via a Zap, you can automatically create a task in your sales project as soon as a new lead comes in.

Sales Funnel Project MeisterTask automate by zapier

4. Automate your data collection to and from MeisterTask

Make your data collation admin-free with MeisterTask and Airtable – an app that the Zapier team claim could be the answer to imperfect databases.

Set up a Zap so that every time you receive a new Airtable entry, a MeisterTask task is automatically created. If you’d like to collate your completed tasks for clients, you can set one up in the opposite direction too. 

With in-app functionality and 2,000+ apps to choose from, achieve more in 2018 in less time, with MeisterTask and Zapier.

Have any questions or suggestions of your own on time-saving automations?

We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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