MeisterTask 3.0.1 for iOS Is Out!

MeisterTask 3.0.1 just hit the App Store, so if you haven’t done it yet, be sure to update now! This latest update greatly improves ‘My To-Dos’ (formerly known as ‘personal checklists’), enabling you to turn them into fully-featured tasks.

MeisterTask 3.0.1 for iOS

Following our recent update to version 3.0, which introduced a number of relatively subtle improvements to MeisterTask’s UI as well as making the mobile app fully GDPR compliant, we’re happy to let you know that version 3.0.1 is now available on the App Store.

With the latest update, you are now able to convert items in ‘My To-Dos’ into fully-featured tasks, as well as delete them without having to complete them first.

My To-Dos are checklist items that are not associated with any project. They are only visible to yourself and can be found in the fourth dashboard screen, called My Tasks, where they are displayed above all other tasks assigned to you.

How to Turn My To-Dos Into Tasks

To turn a To-Do item into a task, long-tap on it until the menu appears at the bottom of the screen, and then select ‘Convert to task’. This will open a task dialog where you can add more details to the task, such as a due date and tags, and assign the task to a project and section of your choice.

Turn My To-Do items into tasks

In the same menu, you’ll also find the option to delete the To-Do item.

My To-Do items that are completed will automatically disappear after a few seconds. Within that time you can still undo the completion, for instance if you’ve tapped the item by accident. Once the item has disappeared, however, it is permanently gone.

My To-Dos will soon be synced with MeisterTask’s web and desktop apps, too. Stay tuned!