New: Create Tasks from Slack with Message Actions!

We’re mere days away from the launch of MeisterTask 2.0, which has been in beta for the past few weeks. In spite of all the preparations that are still going on, we managed to release an update to our popular Slack integration, enabling you to create tasks from Slack with a Message Action!

New: Create Tasks from Slack with Message Actions!
What are Message Actions in Slack?

Apps such as MeisterTask can create custom actions in Slack that allow users to do things with messages, similar to built-in actions like adding reactions or message sharing.

The Message Action we’ve created opens a sleek dialog inside your Slack channel where you can add everything from task title to assignee and from due date to notes. The task is then inserted in a project and section of your choice.

It’s a quick and simple way to create new tasks from Slack, but don’t worry if you enjoyed using the good old syntax  – the original method still works!

Check out our help article to get step-by-step instructions on how create tasks from Slack and send updates from MeisterTask to your preferred Slack channel!