New: Do More with MeisterTask and GitHub!

This post was updated on February 25, 2020.

MeisterTask was created with the needs of development teams in mind. Therefore, one of the first things we added was an integration with GitHub, which allows you to complete tasks and checklist items with special commit messages. Thanks to our most recent update, the GitHub integration now offers more functionality and flexibility, making your workflow even more efficient!

MeisterTask-GitHub Integration

What’s new with the GitHub integration?

With MeisterTask’s improved GitHub integration, you can connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single project, as well as use multiple projects with a single repository.

You can now also link pull requests directly in tasks. Upon adding a pull request link to a task description, a new GitHub icon will appear in the task’s right panel.

Additionally, the new GitHub integration offers better security and allows us to add new features more easily in future.

Please note: If you’ve been using the old version of our GitHub integration, you, too, will need to follow the steps below to keep your MeisterTask projects connected with GitHub.

Connecting MeisterTask with GitHub

Step 1: Connect your MeisterTask account to GitHub in your account settings.

Step 2: Install the MeisterTask GitHub App. Then, select the repositories you’d like to connect to your MeisterTask project(s).

Step 3: Re-integrate GitHub with your MeisterTask account. This can be done in the integrations section within your account settings. Click on GitHub and then start reconnecting your repositories by clicking on ‘Configure’ and then ‘Add Configuration’.

That’s it!

We hope you enjoy the improved workflow between MeisterTask and GitHub. For even more ways to connect the two apps, check out the integration options provided by Zapier!