MeisterTask’s Sexy New Dashboard and More Features to Get Excited About

This post was updated on April 10, 2020.

Logged on to MeisterTask lately? Noticed that slick new dashboard complete with minimizing capabilities? If not, here’s the breakdown of our latest feature releases:

MeisterTask’s Sexy New Dashboard and More Features to Get Excited About

Let’s Start at the Top

We’ve replaced the little settings cog that was previously located just below the Quote & Welcome widget with a fresh new Customize… button. Think of this as your dashboard HQ. Click on it to choose one of our many stunning background images, upload your own or alternatively randomize the selection so that you’ll see a different image every time you login to MeisterTask. What’s more, you can now choose whether to display the Quote & Welcome widget or not (that’s the bit that gives you the time). Do this by simply hitting the switch to enable or disable it. 

Going for that complete minimalistic look? You can now choose whether or not to display the Time Tracking, My Tasks, and Notifications widgets by simply clicking on the matching icon and either selecting or deselecting it. You can also enable or disable the animation of these columns by heading over to Preferences > Appearance. Just ask yourself if you like it swipey?

We’ve Upgraded Your Project Duplication Experience

You guys have been requesting this for a while and we came through for ya. You can now duplicate more than just your project’s appearance, tasks, tags and attachments! We’ve added in the ability to also duplicate custom fields, watchers and automations that don’t involve integrations with other tools (e.g. Office 365, Slack). We’ve even given you a lovely overview by tweaking the layout a little bit. Fancy huh?

(Don’t forget: This is a paid feature and you can only duplicate a project that you have admin rights to.)

Yay For Trashed Projects

Do you remember when you accidentally deleted a project and had to contact support to get it back again? Those days are gone! We’ve just made it possible for you to locate and restore your trashed projects. You can do this by clicking on the little arrow next to Projects in the left column on your dashboard and then selecting Trashed Projects.

Please note: Projects that you’ve trashed will only be stored for 30 days before being deleted automatically.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to MeisterTask now and check out all the awesome new features for yourself.


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