Ditching Your Old Tool Is Easy

This post was updated on April 10, 2020.

On the market for a new project management tool but the thought of starting from scratch making your head hurt? Yes, the admin that goes into switching tools could be overwhelming. It could be likened to getting a new phone ten years ago. The dark ages with no cloud back-ups, losing your entire sms/email history and manually inputting all your contacts. Yes, manually! Bleugh. Nightmare. But what if we told you, we have a solution for that? 

Ditching Your Old Tool Is Easy

What’s the Alternative?

The reason you’re probably reading this article in the first place is because you are not 100% satisfied. You like working with task management tools as you’ve seen real results and an overall increase in your team’s productivity. But there have been times when you thought to yourself, there has to be an easier way.

The good news is that MeisterTask has made switching from Trello, Asana and Wunderlist as easy as possible with direct import options available for all three tools.

The Most Important Things to Consider

Reached the point when you’re assessing all options available to you? There are a few things that you need to bear in mind when making your final decision: 

  • Your team works according to a specific workflow, so the tool that you choose has to be adaptable and customizable in order to fit in seamlessly.
  • You’ve accumulated a lot of important information, data, attachments, and comments relevant to your projects’ outcome and you really don’t want to lose any of it.
  • You’ve also put a lot of work into organizing your projects, adding tags, descriptions, checklists and due dates, so you’d prefer to migrate to a tool that takes this into account.
  • And finally, you need a tool that you can start using right away. You can’t afford downtime, and ideally, your team needs to be onboarded as quickly as possible.

Switching to MeisterTask

You aren’t the only one who’s thought about jumping ship. While MeisterTask, Asana and Trello are similar in that they use the Kanban method, there are still many reasons why former users are flocking to MeisterTask, namely:

1. The Beautiful UI

Many users new and old to task management appreciate MeisterTask’s sleek, minimalistic, beautiful design. At Meister, we believe that beautiful products make for an overall better user experience. What’s more, MeisterTask has focused on making the tool as intuitive and as easy to use as possible.

2. Time Tracking

MeisterTask, unlike a lot of other task management tools, has native, built-in time tracking. That means no other apps or integrations are needed. But just to be sure, we’ve also integrated with a few of the productivity world’s favorite time tracking tools, such as Toggl, Harvest, and PomoDone. This way, you always know exactly how long it took to complete a task.

MeisterTask’s time tracking is so great that it holds its own against other time-tracking-only tools:

If you don’t have a MeisterTask account yet, go to www.meistertask.com and sign up using your email address, Facebook, Google or Office 365 account. If you’re already a MindMeister user, you can also use your existing MindMeister login details. This will automatically connect your MindMeister and MeisterTask accounts.

3. Automations

MeisterTask lets you easily automate steps in your workflow. For example: a task automatically completing after it’s been moved to the “Done” section shouldn’t involve you first learning techspeak, nor should it involve any other tools. These actions can be simply configured as an automation in MeisterTask.


What I loved right away about MeisterTask were its automations. The ability to automate processes, rather than just visualizing them, is a huge plus compared to Trello.

Axel Fischer, FiSCHER Akkumulatorentechnik

4. Integrations

MeisterTask can be connected with more than 1,000 other apps via Zapier and offers powerful native integrations with all your favorite tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, MindMeister and GitHub to name but a few. Want to turn emails into tasks without leaving your inbox? No problem with Spark. Have all relevant documents saved on Dropbox and need to attach them? No big deal. Working with Zendesk? So do we. Most importantly, MeisterTask integrates with its sister application, MindMeister, so your team’s brainstorms and project outlines can be exported into agile project boards. See our full list of integration partners here.

Back to the Important Things 

We mentioned earlier that there are a few important things that you should consider when searching for an alternative online task management tool, and here’s where MeisterTask comes in:

  • Your team has a specific workflow that they work according to, easy peasy. MeisterTask allows you to customize your workflow to suit your own and your team’s requirements. No matter what you do, which department you work in, or the types of projects you work on — the options are endless. Use our standard workflow that practically anything can fit into (Open > In Progress > Done), or simply come up with your own.
  • You’ve accumulated a lot of data and information over the course of your project which you’d ideally like to keep. Great news: You can! With MeisterTask’s direct import from Trello you can keep EVERYTHING. That means: boards (projects), lists (sections), cards (tasks), labels (tags), checklist items, due dates, attachments AND all comments. If you’re an Asana or Wunderlist user, we’ll get an import in the form of a CSV file of your project, sections, tasks, due date, notes and more. Keen to know more? Check out this help center article for details of your Asana import or this one, for details of your Wunderlist import.

  • Which brings us to our last point: Once you’ve imported your data into MeisterTask, you can pick up exactly where you left off. Adding the rest of your team takes only a few clicks, and if necessary, we offer great webinars and online tutorials to guide you through the set-up process. But rest assured, it’s really easy to use.

So there you have it, all the reasons why you should switch to MeisterTask today.

Coming from Asana? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to import your Asana projects to MeisterTask.

Are you a soon-to-be former Wunderlist user? Check out this blog article on how to get started with MeisterTask today. And finally, if you’ve fallen out of love with Trello, here’s how you amicably split and join the streams of happy MeisterTaskers.

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