MeisterTask Updates You May Have Missed

Our MeisterTask team has been hard at work fulfilling your requests. And just in case you missed them, here’s a recap of all the latest features. 

MeisterTask Bulk Feature

All Around Goodness

At Meister, we know the best task management tool is a tool you actually use, which is why we constantly work on improving the user experience in MeisterTask. We want you to enjoy working on your projects and often tweak small things here and there. They might not warrant big feature announcements but hopefully they improve your workflow a little bit nonetheless.

Full name visibility

Quite a few of our users work in larger organizations and use MeisterTask across departments. And as you might expect, the larger the organization, the more likely it is to have people with the same first name. As a person with a very common first name, let me just say, I feel your pain. That’s why we’ve added the option to display both first and last names of users. Now, you won’t have to wonder which Christina the task is assigned to anymore. Unfortunately, for all you Christinas out there, it’s now slightly harder to say, “Oh, but I thought the other Christina was on it!”

This is a Business feature and can be enabled in My Account > My Team > Settings > Display Names.

Display full names MeisterTask

Quicker syncing (Websockets)

The technical details behind this one might not be interesting for everyone, but I think the result is. Improving our websockets means that things sync faster in MeisterTask. For example, if you have a task open and a colleague comments or changes the description, you’ll now see it immediately.

Project Improvements

Since project boards are where we spend a considerable amount of time in MeisterTask, we’ve also focused our efforts on making those even more enjoyable to use.

Project loading speed

Being a productivity app, we know that every second counts. Your project boards now load faster so that you can focus on getting your work done. To those of you who were using those loading times as mini coffee breaks, I am truly sorry.


If you’re working on a massive project and it’s still taking some time to load (and you don’t feel like having a coffee break), we’ve decided to give you something to look at. While the project loads, you’ll now see task placeholders, just so you know that something really is happening in the background.

Sort by Status

If you’re like me and you like to have as clean a workspace as possible, this new feature is for you. Go into a project, find a relevant section, click the 3 dots, and sort the tasks by status. Goodbye completed tasks, hello again overdue tasks.

You can sort by status no matter which MeisterTask plan you have.

Sort by status MeisterTask

More responsive drag and drop

Speaking of cleaning up your workspace, you can now drag and drop tasks to your heart’s content. The experience should provide even more satisfaction than it did before, with smoother drags and smoother drops. It’s the little things, you know?


As MeisterTask has grown, we’ve added more and more animations. Along the way, we had requests from users to be able to disable animations in order to keep their projects working faster. So we gave you that option. Now, there is the possibility that you disabled animations and haven’t checked back to see how much they’ve improved. And I’m not here to tell you what to do — I’m just here to tell you that MeisterTask’s animations make for a polished experience. If you haven’t already, please do revisit them!

Animations can be experienced by all our wonderful MeisterTask users, regardless of plan.

Multiline text to tasks

For those of you who are switching in and out of MeisterTask and other tools, and find yourself wishing you could copy and paste on a grander scale, I’m sorry to have buried the lead. This one might truly be a work-altering feature: copy multiple lines of text together, then paste them into a new task tile and MeisterTask will ask you if you’d like to split that text into separate tasks. Yes, you read right; copy once + paste once = multiple tasks.

This copy/paste extravaganza is available on all MeisterTask plans. Go nuts, MeisterTaskers!

Paste as separate tasks MeisterTask


One of the best things about MeisterTask is the checklists. And they’ve just gotten even better.

Multiline text to checklists

Just like copying and pasting multiline text into several tasks, you can now create checklists with a simple CTRL+C, CTRL+V (or COMMAND+C, COMMAND+V, if you’re on a Mac). Maybe you, your boss or your colleague is the type to write what needs to be done in a spreadsheet — nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned table. Now, just copy those to-dos right over to a checklist and get started. No repeatedly changing interfaces, no more swift neck movements between monitors. Copy all the text, paste all the text, et voilà, checklist.

Just like multiline text to tasks, this multiline text to checklists is available for all MeisterTask users.

Paste as checklist items MeisterTask

Hide checklists

Tired of seeing completed checklist items? Or other people’s checklists? Remove them from your view by hiding them. Another step towards having the cleanest workspace possible.

Hiding checklists is available, along with multiple checklists, in MeisterTask Pro, Business and Enterprise plans.

Hide checklist MeisterTask

That’s a Wrap

If you haven’t used these features yet, please give them a try and let us know how you like them! Leave a comment here, send us a message, or tweet @MeisterTask.

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