Agenda: There’s Nothing Hidden About Ours

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We are thrilled to announce our latest MeisterTask feature — Agenda. Can something this revolutionary be called a feature? I’m not sure. 

Agenda: There’s Nothing Hidden About Ours

Revolutionary, you say?

Yes. Agenda is your own personal, customizable, unifying, do-what-you-want-with-it board. Create different sections and arrange them in whatever way makes the most sense for you. Then, pin tasks from any project to the various sections. 

No more hopping in and out of project boards just to stay on top of things. No more task disappearing acts thanks to magical colleagues. Easier to install than a GPS tracker but no less effective, pin your tasks to your Agenda, and always have them at the ready

What’s so great about it?


First of all, and I can’t emphasize this enough, you can pin tasks from any project to your Agenda. As someone who gets requests from many departments, who all use their own project boards, I found myself with 3 tasks in this project, 4 tasks in that project and so on. I flagged the most important tasks with Focus and spent most of my time on my dashboard. Now that we’ve had Agenda internally at Meister for several weeks, I can’t imagine working without it. I have one centralized place to create my own masterpiece of an overview. 

Did I mention that they don’t even have to be your tasks? You can pin tasks to your Agenda whether they are assigned to you or not. If part of your work includes monitoring the progress of a task after it’s been handed off to a colleague, congratulations, you can pin their task to your Agenda for as long as you like. This sounds like a managerial advantage but it’s handy for everyone. This way you can keep yourself in the loop, and have tasks act as informal reminders, without nagging anyone or getting each notification as a task watcher.

What’s that about a masterpiece of an overview?

I’m glad you asked. It may not make for a Leonardo da Vinci level masterpiece but it is my favorite part about Agenda: you can organize it in whatever way helps you work best

Do you like to sort your work by category? Excellent — make sections based on the types of tasks you have. That’s what my Agenda looks like: blog posts, website content, ad copy, etc. In another light, this method could also be seen as organizing by stakeholder. Who’s waiting for those tasks to be completed? Clients? Make a section for each client then. Give them names that make you chuckle. Or maybe don’t.  

Do you prefer to sort your work by due date? Also a fine method — make this week, next week, next month, and galaxy far far away sections. Or maybe your tasks have a shorter life cycle and you need a section for each day of the workweek. This would work nicely, too, because you can rearrange the sections as many times as you like (or constantly, for that matter). Before finishing up your work on a Monday evening, you could drag the now (hopefully) empty Monday section all the way to the right, and populate it with tasks throughout the week for the next Monday. My suggestion: keep it light — it’s Monday after all. 


These are just a few ways to organize your Agenda off the top of my head. There are obviously many, more creative ways out there. No matter which way you set up your Agenda, it will help you prioritize your work. With all my tasks from different projects displayed together, I can much more easily judge which ones are pressing and which ones can wait. Once I’ve done that, I use the Focus section to concentrate on my most urgent tasks. 

We know that priorities are constantly in flux, and that work seems to appear out of thin air when you need it least. That’s why the leftmost section on your Agenda is a collapsible task feed. You can set it to show recent tasks or tasks assigned to you. When tasks pop up, you can quickly drag & drop them to the correct section on your Agenda. Just like dirty laundry thrown in the laundry hamper, you can consider those tasks dealt with for the moment. Also like dirty laundry, you’ll probably have to tend to those tasks eventually — sorry!

Of course, using the task feed isn’t the only way to pin tasks to your Agenda. You can also pin tasks directly in the task dialog on the fly. Spot a task in another team’s project that you’d like to keep your eye on? No problem. Subtly or unsubtly, because no one but you will ever know, pin it to your Agenda while you have the task open. 

Ready to get started on your masterpiece?

Yes, give me the details already!

In your left panel, under the dashboard icon, you’ll find Agenda. If it isn’t there immediately, create a new project to trigger its appearance. Click on  Agenda and say hello to your own personal space. Start by creating, naming, arranging and choosing colors for your sections. 


Then set your task feed to either tasks assigned to you (with your preferred sorting option) or recent tasks, and start dragging and dropping. To quickly unpin a task, drag it up to the top of the Agenda screen. Once you’ve got all the tasks you want on your Agenda, collapse the task feed to view your masterpiece in all its glory.


You can also pin a task to your Agenda directly in a task dialog. Just click the pin icon and select which section the task should be pinned to. To unpin the task, click the pin icon and section again.


To open the Agenda from anywhere in MeisterTask, press CTRL (or CMD on Mac) + shift + O. It’s that simple MeisterTaskers! Getting pinning, and enjoy the view — tasks from all projects together at long last. We love this feature and we want to know how you use it! So send us some pictures of your meisterpieces on Twitter.

Agenda is available in MeisterTask Pro, Business and Enterprise plans.  Users on the Basic plan can use the FOCUS section of the Agenda. 

Need more details? Visit our support article to find out how to use Agenda.

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