NEW: Multi-Select for MeisterTask!

Section actions and bulk actions are two great ways to manage multiple tasks from a specific section at once. In our marketing department for instance we like to collect completed tasks in our Done section and at the end of the week archive them all at once using a bulk action. We also have section actions in place to automatically assign new tasks to the team leaders and to post to our Design channel on Slack when tasks are moved into the related section in MeisterTask.

NEW: Multi-Select for MeisterTask!

One thing that was still costing us a lot of time, however, was managing multiple tasks from multiple sections at once. The most affected were our team leaders, who conduct regular clean-up sessions to keep their team’s project boards lean and up-to-date. Going over the boards at the end of the week they often find quite a number of tasks ready to be moved, deleted or archived, and dealing with them used to take valuable time that could have been much better spent working on new features or playing with our #MeisterLab. Knowing we weren’t the only ones with this problem, the team soon got to work on a solution…

Introducing Multi-Select for MeisterTask

MeisterTask now lets you select multiple tasks within a project and deal with them all at once. To select your first task, simply hover over it until the little checkbox appears in its upper left corner, and click on it. Once your first task is selected, all other tasks will display checkboxes as well.

Project board multi-select for MeisterTask

When you’ve selected all your tasks, click on the new bulk action button that has appeared in your top bar to select an action. You can move, duplicate, complete, archive or delete your tasks.

Multi-select for MeisterTask bulk action

Tasks also stay selected after you’ve performed an action, so it’s easy to perform a second action on the same tasks, such as Duplicate+Move or Complete+Archive.

Check out the new multi-select for MeisterTask and let us know what you think!