Using MeisterTask On the Go? Good News, We’ve Updated Our Android App!

Our MeisterTask team has been hard at work transferring your favorite features from the MeisterTask web app to the Android version of our mobile app, and we can’t wait to share with you just which things you can now accomplish on your phone. 

Using MeisterTask On the Go? Good News, We’ve Updated Our Android App!

Your new favorite MeisterTask feature is ready for its Android debut: take Agenda with you wherever you go. Organize your tasks across all projects onto your own personal board. Then view them in these sections even on your phone. Click the arrow to the right of My Tasks and then select a section from the drop-down menu. Agenda is available for Pro, Business and Enterprise users. Those on the basic plan can take advantage of the Focus section. 
MeisterTask Agenda Android

What’s the number one thing that runs through your brain as you’re sitting on the subway going home from work? For me, it’s all the little things I have to remember to do the next day — things that years ago I would have jotted down on sticky notes. You can get all these things down quickly and easily in our Android app with My Checklist.  Now you can even reorder the checklist items so that they’re in your ideal order for when you’re ready to get them done. This feature is available for all MeisterTask users regardless of plan. 

And while you’re in the Android app, take a second to notice the overall feel — it’s getting closer and closer to the web app. One reason for that is because we’ve updated the icons to match. Who says pretty things don’t make us happier?

If you’re really in work mode when you’re out and about, hop on into a project to see what’s new there, too. If it’s while you’re waiting to pick up the kids at school that you remember the task you did today should really be something you do once a week, no problem. You can now create recurring tasks on your phone, too. Open a project, click on the arrow in a section header and then click edit. Click on automations and then the blue plus to add a new one. There it is — recurring task! Recurring tasks are available for Pro, Business and Enterprise users. 

Likewise, when you realize you’d like to repeat a task, or make a copy and modify it, you can now duplicate tasks. Duplicate tasks are available for all MeisterTask users. 

Since we’re talking about tasks, you can now also load predefined checklists into your tasks while working from your phone. The less typing we have to do on our phones the better! MeisterTask Pro, Business, and Enterprise users can create and load predefined checklists.

If you’ve enabled showing full names in the web app, you’ll now see everyone’s full name in the Android app as well. Whether it’s a big organization or colleagues’ unhelpful photos, now there’s no mistaking who tasks are assigned to. Showing full names is available in Business and Enterprise plans. 

And if you really must type on your phone, we want you to be able to do it without worrying about typos or embarrassing mistakes. That’s why we’ve enabled editing and deleting comments on Android as well. Just gotta catch those things before anyone else sees them! Editing and deleting comments is available for all MeisterTask users regardless of plan.

MeisterTaskers, we hope you enjoy these new updates to our Android app! We’d love to hear how you use the app, so drop us a line here on the blog or on Twitter @MeisterTask