Finally: Agenda for MeisterTask for iOS is Here!

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When we launched Agenda for MeisterTask desktop in the spring of 2020, we became the first task management tool to include a personal project board, to which tasks from any project could be pinned. Immediately after release, we were swamped with requests to make a mobile version of the feature too, so that’s exactly what we’ve done: our iOS app now supports Agenda whenever, wherever. Read on to find out more about Agenda and how you can better organize your personal workload on the go.

Finally: Agenda for MeisterTask for iOS is Here!

Why Agenda?

MeisterTask offers teams the ability to create as many projects as they’d like. However, this often results in collaborators working within multiple projects at the same time, which in turn can make it difficult for team members to maintain an overview of tasks located in multiple places. Agenda is our solution to solve this problem for users (and ourselves). 

We wanted to create something that wouldn’t take away the overview that managers and team leads enjoy, but would help users stay on top of their own to-dos. It was important that this feature existed outside of the project space and that it was as customizable as possible. The result: Agenda.

Agenda is only available to MeisterTask Pro and Business users. Find out all about the benefits of upgrading on our homepage.

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Exploring Agenda on iOS

Since 70% of our users use MeisterTask on mobile, it’s only natural that they would want this awesome feature to be available on the go as well. The introduction of Agenda for MeisterTask on iOS means that you can:

  • View your Agenda on your mobile app dashboard.
  • Add/Remove pins to create “sections” in your Agenda
  • Add tasks to your Agenda straight from your tablet device.

Agenda for iOS is also available on iPhone. The basic functionality is the same as the iPad version, but pins are displayed differently to accommodate the smaller screen size.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are some key differences between the desktop and mobile versions of Agenda. For example, from the screenshot below you can see that iOS Agenda sections are displayed as “pins” on the dashboard rather than “sections”. Although the idea of visualizing your activities outside of the project space remains the same, it does mean that Agenda for iOS is better suited for categorizing your tasks, rather than moving them through a Kanban-style personal board.

About Pins

Your Agenda pins will be visible from your dashboard whenever you open the MeisterTask app on iOS. How you arrange these is entirely up to you. If you have a lot of pins, some of them might be hidden in order to save space, but you can see all agenda pins by tapping See X more pins.

From the dashboard, simply tap on a pin to see the tasks contained in it. These will then appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Slide up and down the task list to get an overview of what’s in the section, then tap on a task to open its task dialog. 

You can create as many pins as you want in order to categorize your personal to-do list. If you want to make changes to pins, you can do this straight from the dashboard.

Any Agenda sections you create on iOS will automatically be included in your desktop Agenda and vice versa.

Adding Tasks to Your Agenda

Whenever you come across a task that you’d like to pin to your Agenda, you can do this quickly by clicking the pin icon in the task dialog and selecting an appropriate pin. Removing a task from your Agenda is just as simple. Tap the pin again in the task dialog, then select Remove Pin.

Also recently released on iOS – extended mentions. You can now mention people and attachments in Checklists. For more information — check out this blog post.

Get the Most Out of Agenda

You can customize Agenda pins in any way you like. Here are just a few examples of how you can organize them to get more productive on mobile:

  • Priority. Sort the tasks in your Agenda by urgency. On the go and see a task that needs fixing as soon as possible? Put an “Urgent” pin on it to make sure it’s the first thing on your to-do list when you get back to your desk.
  • Days of the week. Define your schedule from your Monday morning commute by planning out tasks for the week ahead on mobile.
  • Actions required. Sort tasks according to what you need to do in order to complete them, giving you a quick overview of what sort of work is required. 
  • Much more. Find a method that works for you and use Agenda on iOS to make it happen!

The options are endless. The introduction of Agenda to MeisterTask on iOS makes it possible to customize mobile task management for the most important person in any task: you.

Find out more about the Agenda feature for MeisterTask desktop!

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That’s it! By expanding Agenda for MeisterTask to iOS, we’re taking another step forward towards a smooth, efficient task management experience, accessible from wherever you are.

MeisterTask for iOS is always improving: we’ll be adding new features and enhancements in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned to our blog and follow us on Twitter @MeisterTask to keep your finger on the pulse of change.

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