New Meisters Wanted: Join the 2022 Commercial Graduate Trainee Program!

Just graduated from University? Not sure which department would best suit your talents? Step this way! We’re pleased to announce the 2022 Commercial Graduate Trainee Program at Meister. Read on to find out more about the scheme and how you can get involved. 

New Meisters Wanted: Join the 2022 Commercial Graduate Trainee Program!

This blog post was updated in April 2022 to include information on the 2022 program.

Finding your way in a corporate environment can be difficult, especially when it comes to choosing the right career path. You’ll probably want to use the time after graduation to try out a new direction, but we’ve come up with a better idea: why not try 3 different career paths in one epic commercial graduate program? 

Read on to find out how you could expand your horizons in our Marketing, Sales and Customer Success departments and take your first steps on the path to becoming part of the Meister story.

Go straight to the application for the Commercial Graduate Trainee Program on our jobs page.

What Does the Program Look Like? 

In our 18-month graduate trainee program, you’ll have the chance to get to grips with work in our various commercial departments — Marketing, Sales and Customer Success — through a system of job rotation. 

The program will give you insights into the full customer journey. During your six, exciting months at each station, you’ll work on a variety of important tasks that have a direct impact on our business. 

  • In the Marketing department, you will work on campaigns that promote our products and generate leads.
  • In the Sales department, you will have direct customer contact, help to complete the sales pipeline, and close on your first deals.
  • In the Customer Success department, you will maintain relationships with our users, ensure that they are satisfied, and help them to get the most out of the Meister Suite.

In addition to your job rotation, you take part in a trainee project across the 18 months you are with us, taking ownership and responsibility of the planning and implementation of your idea. 

Great Company, Great Tools.

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Why Apply to the Commercial Graduate Trainee Program?

Good question. There are plenty of great reasons to apply to join the Graduate Trainee Program at Meister. Here are just a few of them:

Reason #1: Exciting, Meaningful Tasks.

Everything we do matters. At Meister, you’ll work hands-on with operative tasks and ambitious projects, supported by a top-notch team in a dynamic work environment. Trainees aren’t here to make up the numbers: you’ll be entrusted with important tasks and even whole projects that bring us forward. You will collaborate closely with team members across the company, developing contacts and touchpoints in a range of teams besides your own. This allows you to gain in-depth insights into the way we work and to understand why our customers love our tools and service.

Reason #2: A Great Place to Grow

Your personal development is our top priority. You’ll be given plenty of valuable information during your onboarding week, but this is just the start of your learning journey. Your time will be split roughly into 70% work-based learning, 20% internal training and 10% formal training events. This is designed to provide optimum coverage of the work in our commercial departments. During these 18 months, we’ll focus on exploring your strengths and passions together, building the foundations for your next steps at Meister and beyond.

Reason #3: Endless Opportunities

Becoming a Commercial Graduate Trainee is just the start. When your program ends, there are countless positions at Meister in which you can focus your talents. We’re always looking for talented new additions in a huge range of roles — just look at our jobs page for inspiration on that next big step. 

Reason #4: An Awesome Company

Meister is more than just work! As a part of the Meister Team, you’ll be fully-integrated into our family from your first day onwards.  Our People & Culture team organizes regular social activities — lunches in the garden, pub quizzes, escape rooms, sport sessions, BBQs and much more — which will help you bond with our international team. Better yet, you’ll also be invited to our yearly Hackfest, an annual retreat which takes place in your third week of working at Meister.

Read this account of the 2021 Hackfest and learn why there are so many reasons to become a Lobster.

Reason #5: It’s Tried and Tested

Being a Commercial Graduate Trainee opens doors.

Matthias Lasselberger, Commercial Graduate Trainee

The 2022 Commercial Graduate Trainee Program follows the successful 2021 intake, in which trainees Matthias Lasselberger, Marlene Lechner and Anabel Arndt became part of the Meister team. According to Matthias, the trainee program has had a transformative effect on his own career prospects:

“Being a Commercial Graduate Trainee opens doors. I love the tasks, how the team trusts me with projects, and the atmosphere in a fast-paced scaleup.”

Now that we are in the second year of our trainee program, our existing trainees will be your buddies from day one: guiding you through your onboarding, first tasks and everything else you need to know. Better yet, there will be plenty of trainee events for you to enjoy!

What Does the Application Process Look Like? 

The process consists of three simple steps: application, phone interview and Meister Insights Day! 

  • Send your application! If we feel that you might be a great fit for the trainee program, we will reach out to you and schedule a 45 minute video interview. During this discussion, we’ll ask you about your experience and motivation as well as explaining the trainee program and Meister in more depth. Wondering how you can prepare for the interview? Check out our blog post on How We Hire!
  • During the Meister Insights Day, you will get an introduction to Meister, meet your potential new team members, get to know the other candidates and prove that you are a great fit for Meister. There’ll also be an interview and a group challenge, which will help us gauge your potential.
  • To help us with the planning, please indicate in your application whether you are available on June 24 for the Meister Insights Day. 

Excited about this opportunity? Go to the job ad and hit apply! We’re looking forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to our team.