How to Get Your Team on Board with MeisterTask

Teams choose to use MeisterTask for a variety of reasons. Perhaps tasks are being forgotten, work is being duplicated, or deadlines are being missed. Whatever the challenge, the chances are your team will be aware of it too.

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However, your team will still want to know how this solution will fix it, without adding to their workload…

In this article, we’ll share our tried and tested tips for getting your team on board with MeisterTask as soon as possible, by:

  • Demonstrating how MeisterTask will help your team to work smarter, not harder, with efficient time-saving workflows
  • Inviting your team to collaborate, on-mass, and import any existing tasks or projects from other task management tools
  • Get your team collaborating in MeisterTask with some quick and simple initial tasks, so they feel comfortable creating and tracking tasks and projects
  • Finally, by encouraging feedback, to refine your team’s use of MeisterTask together.

First Step: Show Your Team The Benefits

Ever found yourself wasting time on the old version of a shared document? Or felt you’re too busy wrestling your inbox or Slack channels to get real work done?

These are common teamwork issues that many of us faceHowever, once identified, they can also be quick to fix.

This is where a tool like MeisterTask can help in enabling your team to work collaboratively and productively, by:

  • Enabling efficient team communication 
  • Ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date documents
  • Cutting out unnecessary meetings via transparent project management
  • Presenting automated productivity reports
  • And a whole lot more!

MeisterTask 2.0 project board regular view

How Teams Work Smarter, Not Harder with MeisterTask

When it comes to deconstructing resistance to change, studies have found that demonstrating the long-term value of the decision to your team will get them on board a lot faster.

To provide you with some evidence to share, here are just a few ways that teams work smarter, not harder with MeisterTask:

Say goodbye to duplicated working with simple project management

Many of us work on multiple projects at once, each featuring numerous timelinesdocuments, and team members.

Without having all project discussions and tasks in one shared space, work can be easily duplicated or held-up, particularly when working across different offices.


“Previously, many of our team members were using different task and project management tools separately, so nothing was shared and group projects would often have no central place from which to be managed,” Torsten Schlautmann, Head of HR, Controlling & Administration at OPITZ Consulting shared.

“As we now use MeisterTask Business for our collaborative project management, we can manage client projects transparently, making documents, deadlines and feedback available to all relevant team members.”

Plus, via integrations with over 1,000 apps, teams can collate data from all other project tools too, in seconds. 

Received a sales lead to follow-up on in Salesforce? Or a new support ticket in Zendesk? Send them straight to your MeisterTask project via Zapier to collate everything in one centralized, shared space.

With centralized project management, teams can keep moving, regardless of whether you’re located all in one office or distributed across many.

Share with your team: With MeisterTask, you can all say goodbye to duplicated working and hello to a simpler, faster project management process.

Transparent working means fewer team updates

As much as we like our colleagues, no one likes an unnecessary meeting. With MeisterTask, you can put an end to cumbersome updates, with transparent task tracking.

Managing their satellite company from their head office in Costa Rica, the Directors at Grupo JHR find it essential to retain a bird’s eye view over project progress:

adriana ramirez meistertask

Our Head of Directors loves the fact that project managers using MeisterTask have a clear overview of project progression,” Adriana Ramirez, Director of Projects at Grupo JHR, shared. “If managers have any questions or concerns, they can quickly and directly address them by commenting on the task in question.

By using sections to define task statusthere’s no need to check-in with teammates manually. As soon as you open a project, all tasks are available at a glance, along with the stage they’re currently at:

Share with your team: By sharing task progress transparently, you can avoid cumbersome updates and all save more time. 

All team communication in one place

When battling a busy email inbox, it can be easy to lose sight of your actionable to-dos. In fact, it’s an issue we faced at MeisterLabs too, when we realized our Slack usage had become unwieldy!

With integrations that send data between your favorite communication tools, such as Gmail and Slack, and MeisterTask, you can ensure that all actionable to-dos are listed in one place and won’t be forgotten. 

For example, using the Gmail integration from Zapier, you can forward actionable emails to a specific address and they’ll be automatically added to your chosen project board:

email to task integration MeisterTask

The email subject will form the task title and the email content and address will form the task description. This will help you clear your inbox faster. It also ensures that all actionable tasks will be addressed in time:

I can be an emailaholic. Thankfully, MeisterTask keeps our team out of our email and focused on the bigger picture, while still managing the day-to-day client needs.

Aaron Roberts, Mason City Innovation Coach

Plus, via our direct integration with Slack, you can do the same with internal chat messages too:

Share with your team: By turning actionable emails and chat messages into tasks in MeisterTask, teams can spend less time in their inbox, while ensuring tasks won’t slip between the gaps.

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Clear deadlines with calendar view

Competing deadlines can be difficult to stay on top of, let alone when you’re managing them on behalf of a whole team.

To ensure all deadlines and requirements are stored in one central, shared space, ask your team to collate them in MeisterTask

ical integration meistertask

Via our iCal integration or Zapier, you can send dates from Google Calendar and Outlook. This provides your team with a clear overview of upcoming dates via shared projects, without having to switch between platforms.

Additionally, by adding the deadline as a due date to the task, you can view all upcoming deadlines in MeisterTask’s calendar view, too. 

View upcoming team tasks in calendar view

This view is available via the Statistics & Reports area, featuring time-tracking and auto-generated productivity reports too.

By using this workflow, teams like BigBangThemes have gotten back on track with their project timelines:

meistertask bigbangthemes deadlines

“When working as a distributed team with separate task management tools, we were facing regular project delays” BigBangThemes’ Founders, Andy and Alex Marin shared. “However, since integrating MeisterTask into our workflow, we’ve not missed a deadline to date and have massively improved our products.” 

Share with your team: With all deadlines shared transparently, it’ll be easier for you to work together towards delivering projects on time, on budget and with quality.

3 Quick Ways To Get Collaborating

Now that you have the reasons to move to MeisterTask, here are a few simple steps to onboard your team members quickly and smoothly:

1. Invite your team and import tasks

When you create a team within MeisterTask, you have the option to invite colleagues, either individually or via mass email. Either way, team members will receive an email invitation to collaborate, allowing them to jump straight into shared projects and tasks.

To quickly onboard all our staff members, we uploaded our list of 450 team members, via a CSV file, to MeisterTask. This sent an individual invite to each of our consultants, making it simple and quick to set them up.

– Torsten Schlautmann, OPITZ Consulting

It might be that members of your team are already using a task management tool and have existing tasks and projects.

import asana, trello, wunderlist

To onboard these users too, ask them to use one of our import options, to import tasks from TrelloAsana and more.

With the ability to import from Trello and Asana, which a few of our consultants were previously using individually, we found it simple to roll out MeisterTask company-wide.

– Torsten Schlautmann, OPITZ Consulting 

2. Get using the tool together

To get your team using MeisterTask together, get them started on small tasks, such as setting up their profile or participating in a task discussion.

For example, you could ask all team members to assign a task to their team leader, asking them to share their favorite tip or trick for using MeisterTask.

getting team on board with MeisterTask

If you already have your management team on board with MeisterTask, this gets all team members using MeisterTask fast, with your leadership team sharing their insight.

3. Welcome team feedback

Finally, involving team members in the decision-making process is proven to be central to avoiding resistance to change.

There are many possible workflow options within MeisterTask. To work out what’s best for your team, create an open feedback loop, to tailor how you use it together.

sprint retrospectives for Agile software management

By encouraging your team to discuss which workflows work best for them, your team will feel heard. Plus, it could result in some great suggestions, streamlining your team’s use of MeisterTask, together.

In summary, to get your team collaborating in MeisterTask as quickly as possible:

  • Demonstrate how using MeisterTask will benefit your team. For example, you can cut out unnecessary meetings and remove the risk of duplicated work
  • Invite your team via email, either individually or on-mass. Then ask them to import existing tasks or projects, so everything is in one place
  • Get your team comfortable creating and tracking tasks, by starting them off on some small, but informative tasks
  • Encourage feedback, in order to streamline your team’s use of MeisterTask, together.

So those are our tips for getting your team on board with MeisterTask ASAP.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, we’d love to hear them in the comment section below!

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