Using MeisterTask on Your iPhone or iPad? Check Out Our Latest Updates!

We are constantly improving and evolving MeisterTask to add functionality and take more of your requests into consideration. And we’re also working hard to give you access to our latest and greatest features even while on the go. Keep reading to find out what you can now accomplish on your iOS device!

Using MeisterTask on Your iPhone or iPad? Check Out Our Latest Updates!

If you don’t already have access to a feature mentioned in this post, go to the App Store and update your MeisterTask app manually.

We released Agenda and MeisterTaskers everywhere let us know how much they love it. If you’re one of those MeisterTaskers and you’ve got yourself nice and organized in your own style, then let out a cheer because Agenda is now mobile. The sections you create on your Agenda are now found in the My Tasks view in your iOS app. Read, comment, pin and do your thing without ever opening a project board. Agenda is available for Pro, Business and Enterprise users. Those on the basic plan can take advantage of the Focus section.

Don’t have a MeisterTask Pro account yet? Upgrade now or find out more about other MeisterTask Pro features that’ll boost your productivity.

Next up, we have a nifty option that you may have noticed already. Whether you’re doing it to save your eyesight, make your phone battery last a little longer, or just because you look cool using it, dark mode for MeisterTask is here. Since this is a system setting on your iOS device, if you have dark mode enabled, MeisterTask should automatically display this way. If you haven’t tried it before, give it a go!

Thanks to Apple’s multiple windows functionality on iPad, you can have more than one window of the same app open at a time. What does that mean for MeisterTask? It means, you can open up one project board in one window and another project board in another window, put them side-by-side, then drag & drop tasks between projects to your heart’s content. This is the kind of fun you can only have on an iPad!

Something for all Apple users, not just on iPad, is the new and improved task dialog. Tasks are still capable of all the same great things they could do before, but now just have slicker design. To improve your experience, we made a few changes: the section name is easier to find and the assignee is more prominent. 

The task dialog isn’t the only thing that got an upgrade. When viewing a section in a project, you’ll notice a new bit of information there, too. Task limits (WIP limits) can now be viewed while on the go.  

Last but not least, if you like to use your Apple ID to sign in or create accounts, you can now do this with MeisterTask as well.

To link your Apple account with your MeisterTask account, go to My Profile > Connected Accounts

We hope you enjoy these updates to our iOS app! Even more are in the work to help you stay on top of your tasks while out and about. Let us know how you get on by commenting here on the blog, or giving us a shout out on Twitter @MeisterTask