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Discover What’s Beneath Our Sleek Surface

Despite being intuitive and easy to use, MeisterTask packs some powerful capabilities behind its clean design. From collaboration and individual task management to project planning and user groups, we’ve got what you need to get productive. We’ve got: Project Features, Task Features, Features Just for You, Features for Analysis, Features for Admins, Features for Communication, Features for Making the Leap

Intuitive, Online Task Management

MeisterTask gives you what you and your team need to succeed.

Project Features

Our Kanban-style project boards are fully customizable – from project icons to workflow.

Unlimited Sections

Create, name and arrange as many sections as you need, you can even collapse them for a more focused overview.


See your project the way that helps you the most by filtering by Assignee, Tag, Watcher, Due date, Status, or Schedule.


Similar to a Gantt chart, see all tasks within a project together in a calendar view by placing them on the Timeline.


Automate repeating steps in your workflow to increase efficiency and consistency —  let MeisterTask save you time.

Recurring Tasks

If you need to perform the same task regularly, don’t start from scratch each time. Instead, set up a template for a recurring task.

Task Limits (WIP Limits)

Focus your team’s work by limiting the amount of tasks you take on at one time. Then watch as tasks speed through your workflow!

Task Features

As the name MeisterTask might suggest, tasks are packed full of functionality.

Assignees and Watchers

Assign a task to the responsible person and keep yourself in the loop by becoming a watcher — coordination made easy!

Due Dates

Give yourself and others clear goals and deadlines by setting due dates. They can align with the scheduling or serve as handovers.

Time Tracking

Keep track of time spent on a task by using our built-in time tracker. This comes in handy for team calculations and projections. 

Custom Fields

To pack even more information into your tasks, add custom fields for things that you and your colleagues regularly need.

Multiple Checklists

Checklists help to ensure that tasks are performed correctly and completely. What’s better than one checklist? Multiple checklists!


Attach files and images up to 200MB directly to tasks. No more hunting through emails or hard drives to find related material!

Task Relationships

Keep everyone on your team informed about how tasks fit together by linking them as related, duplicate, or blocking.


Organize your tasks by priority, category, client or anything else using tags. Be as creative as you like in developing your system.

Features Just for You

While most things in MeisterTask are made to help teams communicate and collaborate, some things were created especially for your personal success.


Unique to MeisterTask, Agenda is a personal, private board, to which you can pin tasks from any project. Organize it how you like!


Serving as your home base in MeisterTask, your dashboard is customizable and includes a personal checklist.

Desktop Apps

Whether you’re a diehard Windows user or a Mac lover, we’ve got a MeisterTask app for you.

Features for Analysis

So you need to monitor productivity? We’ve got you covered with our statistics and reports.

Progress Reports

Get the overview of your team or project by downloading reports on completed, overdue, open or upcoming tasks.

Time Reports

Need to keep an eye on your tracked time? Or that of your team? No problem, download a CSV report of that, too.

Safety Reports

You can also export CSV files on activity, compliance and personal data. We’ll help you with bureaucracy where we can.

Features for Admins

With transparent and easy to use admin functions in MeisterTask, you’ll have your team up and running in no time.

Admin Account

Have control over user groups, team projects, billing and licensing. Or split those duties with multiple team administrators.

User Groups

Share or unshare projects with multiple team members at the click of a button by organizing users into groups.

Team Projects

Foster collaboration by creating team projects. They are visible to all team members, who can join as they like.

Roles and Permissions

Need to be in charge of who sees and can do what in projects? Possible roles are: Administrator, Member, Guest, Read-only, Commenter.

Account Manager

Enterprise plan users have a dedicated account manager ready to help your organization with all MeisterTask-related questions.

Manage Your Team With MeisterTask

MeisterTask Business is packed with administrative features that’ll help you and your team work efficiently and productively together!

Features for Communication

To keep everything in MeisterTask and not let important information escape to emails or team chats, we’ve got some great communication features built in.


Within a task, you can comment, reply or react  and the assignee, as well as anyone watching the task, will instantly get a notification.


Want to get more specific? @Mention someone in a task using their name and they’ll get a notification.

Address the Group

Use @here to address everyone watching the task, or @all for all project members involved in the task or not.

Notifications to Email

Never miss something important in your notifications within MeisterTask by setting your preferences to send emails.

Mobile Apps

Even while on the go, get work done and never miss a beat with MeisterTask’s mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Integrations for Connecting Your Favorite Things

As you’ve now seen, MeisterTask is capable of quite a lot. But to enhance what you can do with it even further, we’ve set up some pretty cool integrations with countless other tools — from calendar apps, to email tools, to team chat software.

Features for Making the Leap

If you’ve been using other task management tools, you can switch over to MeisterTask and bring everything with you.

Easy Imports

Import directly from Trello, Wunderlist and Asana using our import wizard — projects, tasks, bring it all!

Spreadsheets To MeisterTask

Our advanced copy/pasting lets you copy/paste multiple lines of text to create multiple tasks at once.

Documents to Checklists

Are your workflows and processes  written in files saved to your hard drive? Advanced copy/paste your way to checklist heaven. 

For a breakdown of which features are included in which plan, visit our feature comparison page.

Features Built For Productivity

All available on MeisterTask!

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