Take Control of Your Projects.

Agile Project Management: Get More Done, Faster.

No clear project management strategy? Drowning in the Waterfall? Take control of project cost, time and scope. MeisterTask makes it easy to “go agile”. More quality. More productivity. More satisfaction.

  • Kanban makes your projects more flexible.
  • Your team has a central overview of all information.
  • You reduce work steps.
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Two people use task-management to collaborate in a project.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfall.

What Is Agile Project Management?

Compared to the rigid, documentation-heavy waterfall methodology, agile project management is flexible by design. Focus on targets iteratively and collaboratively: “going agile” means embracing change and responding to customer needs throughout your projects. MeisterTask is perfect for implementing Agile – put people first and drive a culture of relentless customer focus!

Keep Your Efforts Focused and Your Customers Happy.

Agile Project Management That Works.

Is your team working hard and still missing deadlines? Is a linear approach stopping you from adapting to continual change? It’s time to “go agile”. MeisterTask makes it easy to adjust as you go along. With its intuitive Kanban boards, automations and app integrations, you and your team will be taking control of your projects in no time. Forget about complex user onboarding and focus on what matters – your customers!

Respond to Change

Continuous Adaptation.

Visualize project progress and keep your team aligned with Kanban boards. Due Dates keep everyone informed of deadlines, while the Timeline feature can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

A Kanban board helps in visualizing tasks. Project members are aware of the status of tasks.

Stay On Topic

Transparent Communication.

Cut through the noise with simple Kanban boards. Leave your team in no doubt about who’s doing what, when. MeisterTask keeps your project moving forward and enables clear communication in the tool itself.

Working with a Kanban board enables agile teamwork.

Build Happier Teams

More Creative Freedom.

Agile teams are more autonomous: use MeisterTask to grant your team the freedom to suggest new ideas, innovate and problem-solve. With more creative freedom, you can help to foster more transparent, efficient and happier teams.

Employees achieve project success through independence and self-organization.

Minimize Errors

Ongoing Optimization.

Adapt and improve as you go by visualizing the steps in your project workflow. MeisterTask helps you to minimize errors and maximize efficiency.

The team is always aware of task status and projects by using MeisterTask.

Build Client Engagement

Effective Collaboration.

Kanban boards enable agile project teams to remain entirely customer-focused. Agile projects reflect, learn and adjust at regular intervals, allowing you to maintain high customer satisfaction.

MeistTask enables agile working through Kanban methods, by focusing on stakeholder needs.

One Small Step for MeisterTask.

One Giant Leap for Your Team.

MeisterTask: Your Springboard to Greater Agility.

Powerful Agile Project Management Features at Your Fingertips.

User buy-in can make or break a new tool. Don’t waste time on complex, feature-stuffed software – MeisterTask is so intuitive, your team will reap the benefits of agile project management from day one. The tool has all the features you need and none that you don’t: from clear, simple Kanban boards to built-in time tracking, our secure task management tool is the fast track to project efficiency.

Kanban Boards

An iterative approach improves your ability to respond and adapt quickly to changing customer requirements: it’s the key to project success. MeisterTask’s intuitive Kanban boards keep your agile project management strategy on track.


Use MeisterTask’s Gantt-style Timeline to plan, schedule and visualize your team’s tasks in a calendar-based format. Identify inefficiencies, eliminate bottlenecks and empower team members to stay productive.


Track, gather and analyze data on project performance by adding a statistics-driven element to agile project management in MeisterTask.

Time Tracking

Use Time Tracking to monitor the time you and your team members have spent working on specific projects. Reduce the need for extensive resource documentation, and access a data-driven overview to analyze and improve team efficiency.

The secret to successful agile project management is an agile tool. One that’s intuitive, easy to use. That’s MeisterTask in a nutshell.”

Katja Esch

IT Project Manager, LBBW

Robust Security Every Step of the Way.

Your Privacy. Our Priority.

MeisterTask is a Trusted Cloud certified service and fully EU-GDPR compliant. All our apps are hosted in the European Union in ISO 27001 certified data centers in Frankfurt, Germany. Other top-level security features include standard 256-bit SSL encryption, two-factor authentication and granular in-app permissions.

MeisterTask and GDPR data compliance.

MeisterTask Integrates With Over 20 Tools You Already Use.


MeisterTask Integration Google
MeisterTask Integration MindMeister
MeisterTask Integration Microsoft
MeisterTask Integration Google Drive
MeisterTask Integration MeisterNote
MeisterTask Integration Dropbox

Stay Liquid, Accomplish More.

6 Easy Steps to Agile Project Management.

Let’s get started! Follow these 6 simple steps to agile project management with MeisterTask. Manage your projects in increments, respond to change without going off the rails and start delivering more value throughout your projects faster and with fewer headaches. Get it right: improve the flow of work with MeisterTask.

Visualization of a Kanban project.

Step 1: Set up your project

Use the customizable Kanban boards to visualize exactly how your team works. Add and remove sections at any time in order to continually optimize your workflows.

Various departments can be invited to a project in a task management tool.

Step 2: Invite your team

Invite project members and keep everyone in the loop. Use the guest role to work with external collaborators while protecting sensitive project data.

Projects in a task management tool contain tasks. The project team can create them.

Step 3: Create tasks

Create a new task for each activity in your project. Set up automations to handle recurring tasks for you, and use checklists to monitor progress.

If your team is working with various other tools, these can be integrated with MeisterTask.

Step 4: Power up!

Integrate tools you already work with to maximize efficiency and keep your team productive. Set WIP limits to keep your team’s workload manageable.

Team members communicate with each other more efficiently via the task management tool MeisterTask.

Step 5: Get things done

Never miss another deadline. Keep your team aligned using MeisterTask’s comment and mention function – the core of team communication in the tool.

Project progress reports can be visualized in and exported from MeisterTask.

Step 6: Gain valuable insights

Track, gather and analyze data on project performance with reports, adding a statistics-driven element to your agile project management.

More insight, more productivity.

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