Workflow Management: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Understanding Workflow Management.

Master workflow management and you’ll soon see your team’s productivity skyrocket. But what is it, and how do you know if you’re doing it right? Read on to discover:

  • What a workflow is.
  • Why workflow management is important.
  • Which software you need to manage workflows.

Workflows In a Nutshell

What Is a Workflow?

A workflow outlines steps in a process from initiation to completion. It has three parts: a trigger, tasks, and a result. Workflow management helps you plan:

  • What you do.
  • When you do it.
  • Who does it, and how.

The Benefits of Better Workflow Management

Why Is Workflow Management Important?

Ideally, your workflows will guide your work from start to finish. However, unclear or undefined workflows can make things messy. Avoid confusion around what needs to be done, by who and you’ll catch problems before they slip through the net. Good workflow management gives your team the structure they need to achieve great things. It helps you to:


Save Your Team Time.

Tasks done out of habit can waste valuable time. With day-to-day tasks under control, you can focus on strategy.


Get the Big Picture.

Knowing what is happening, when, helps your team spot problems early and solve them proactively.


Improve Team Collaboration.

When responsibilities are clear, your team works in sync. Good workflows make it easy to delegate if team members are away.


Boost Team Performance.

Roles should be clear. Good workflow management improves accountability, meaning more quality and fewer mistakes.

Achieve Great Results.

Clear workflows help you adapt quickly as your team grows. This is essential for sustainable business growth.

Streamline Your Workflows With MeisterTask

Set a New Benchmark for Workflow Management.

Not All Workflows Are the Same

Different Types of Workflows.


Project Workflows

Project workflows keep projects on track. You’ll find these useful for your product launches and company initiatives.


Case Workflows

Case workflows are used when the path to a solution isn’t consistent – such as for bug fixes and other technical issues.


Process Workflows

Process workflows are used for common, “daily business” tasks. You’ll see these for scheduling and admin activities.

Workflow Systems

Workflow systems might sound complicated, but they don’t need to be. Read on for a simple overview of what they are and when to use them.

Checkmark What Is a Workflow System?

A workflow system, also known as a workflow management system (WMS) is a platform that can help you create, implement and manage workflows in your organization. Most can be accessed remotely thanks to data stored on cloud-based servers.

Some workflow software is very complicated. However, at a basic level, all allow you to build connections between steps and ensure that your team’s work runs smoothly.

Checkmark Do You Need a Workflow Management System?

Workflows are always changing. If you use PDFs or Excel sheets to share your workflows, it’s hard to keep everyone up to date. When other teams and projects are involved… disaster.

A workflow management system helps your team avoid confusion. With real-time updates, everybody knows what they need to do next – meaning better projects and better results.

Checkmark Do You Need a Workflow Management System?

Unless your workflows are incredibly complex… no. For project and process workflows, you can use a task management tool like MeisterTask instead of an expensive workflow management system.

With processes and projects in the same place, you can adapt easily if something isn’t working. Let MeisterTask’s automations and integrations turn your dream workflow into reality in seconds!

Workflow Management That Works for You

A Tool Your Team Will Love To Use.

Can I Manage Workflows Without Software?

So you’ve decided for workflow management with a task management system. Now it’s time to bring your workflows to life. Below are 3 steps to get your workflows up and running. Don’t be tempted to skip the first step!


Outline Your Processes

Decided how you want to work? Write it down! With MeisterNote, you can document guidelines and create a single source of truth, keeping important information centralized.


Create Your Projects

Kanban boards are a great way to visualize processes – and setting them up takes just a few clicks. Use colors to make sure your sections align to the steps in your workflow!


Get To Work

Create your tasks, fill in the details, and watch your workflow kick into action. Set up automations and implement a workflow tracking process to optimize your workflow.

“During digitalization projects, it can be difficult to keep an overview. MeisterTask is a solid basis for successful task management.”

Stephan Ahlmeyer

Managing Consultant at CP Consultingpartner AG

Workflow Management Simplified

Manage Your Workflows With MeisterTask.

Once you’ve got the perfect workflow, MeisterTask is the perfect tool to implement it.

  • Choose your project view: View tasks in a Kanban-style board or Gantt-style timeline.
  • Add assignees and watchers: Assign tasks and stay in the loop as a task watcher.
  • Create checklists: Use checklists to ensure each part of a task is completed properly.
  • Denote task dependencies: Show your team how tasks fit together.

Bring Your Workflows to Life With MeisterTask

Get More Done With Visual Workflow Management.


Don’t waste your team’s time – focus on what matters! Use automations to take care of recurring workflow steps and work more productively.

Due Dates

Set due dates to keep time-sensitive parts of your workflow moving forward. It’s easy to prioritize your tasks so you never miss a deadline.


MeisterTask integrates with many of the tools your team already uses. Transfer your projects to MeisterTask to manage workflows more efficiently.


Use data to inform your business decisions. Track, gather and analyze data on workflow performance with reports in MeisterTask.

“MeisterTask helps us visualize workflows and processes. It is the perfect solution for us.”

Axel Fischer


A Beautiful Solution for Beautiful Results.

Bring Clarity to Your Workflows.

Put the Flow in Workflow

Tips for Better Workflow Management with MeisterTask.

Set Work in Progress Limits

WIP limits ensure you’re notified when sections of your project board get too full. Manage your team’s workload with ease!

Use Shortcuts

Shave vital seconds off the time spent on day-to-day tasks – and save hours in the long run. See all MeisterTask shortcuts.

“MeisterTask is unbeatable in terms of user-friendliness and design.”

Beatrix Garai

Application Engineer at Verwo AG

Track Completion Time

How long does it take for your team to complete their tasks? Pinpoint delays and optimize your team’s daily workload.

Filter Tasks

Filter tasks by assignee, due date or project and find what you’re looking for. A clear overview means actionable insights.

Collapse Project Sections

Tidy up, zone in, and get more done. Collapse project sections to simplify workflows and keep the essentials in view.

Take The Next Steps

Manage Workflows Like a Pro.

Now you know the best practices to follow when creating workflows and implementing them on project boards. In MeisterTask, you can put your knowledge to work and boost productivity, today. Take the next step: use MeisterTask for workflow management.

Bring Your Workflow Management Game to the Next Level.

From Doing to Done with MeisterTask.

You Asked. We Answered.


Does Workflow Management Help Small Teams?

Yes. Workflow management is relevant to every team! However, not all teams need an expensive workflow management system. If you have a small team, a task management tool can do the job.


Can I Manage Workflows Without Software?

You can manage workflows that way, but it’s slower and likely to cause errors. Workflow software will make creating and implementing workflows easier, improving business results.


How Do I Start Creating a New Workflow?

Outline best practices to keep your team on the same page. MeisterNote is ideal for documenting guidelines and centralizing information. It also integrates seamlessly into MeisterTask.


Which Features Must Workflow Systems Have?

This depends on the scale of your projects and team size. However, you should typically look for automations and integrations when choosing a tool to manage workflows.


Which Workflow Management Tool Should I Use?

MeisterTask is ideal for you if you want a simple, intuitive tool to execute and manage workflows (as well as your tasks). You don’t need to have used workflow software before.


How Do I Know if My Workflow Is Successful?

Reports in a WMS allow you to pinpoint specific types of data about projects, tasks and team members. This helps you to measure performance against your KPIs and evaluate your workflows.

Smarter Workflows, More Productivity

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