Introducing Subtasks

More Clarity for Your Team.
A Better Overview for You.

Tasks too complex? Make them simply “sub”-lime with subtasks. Break down large tasks into smaller, actionable steps for smoother, more efficient project management.

Break it Down

…and stay on track. Break down complex tasks into smaller, actionable parts so no detail is overlooked. To ensure your team knows exactly what to work on and when, add an individual assignee and deadline to each subtask. With responsibilities crystal clear, workflows will be smoother than ever.

Build Transparency

…and add an extra layer of clarity in your tasks. Subtasks help your team see how work is connected, so they can easily stay up-to-date, align on priorities, and plan their time effectively. With subtasks neatly nested in the parent task, you have a granular view of task progress at a glance.

Get Organized

…and stay in control. A structured overview of task components helps you manage resources for smoother project planning. But more structure doesn’t mean less flexibility. Add subtasks to multiple project boards and keep the details where the action happens – without losing sight of the big picture.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“Subtasks allow me to efficiently manage the to-dos that lead to quick wins. They also help me communicate to my team how this work fits into the bigger picture, and how it ties into the action plan for the whole organization.

With Subtasks, everything – from the big vision to the minute details – is crystal clear. This extra visibility has greatly improved alignment within the team.”

Arvid Vessmann

Service Owner Digital Workplace at White Arkitekter

More Structure, More Productivity.

Unlock the Power of Subtasks Today.



What Are Subtasks?

“Subtasks” refer to smaller or more specific tasks that are part of a larger task or project. They help break down a complex job into manageable parts, making it easier to track, delegate, prioritize, and complete the main task.


How Can I Start Using Subtasks in MeisterTask?

To access subtasks in MeisterTask, you will need to be on a Business Plan. For more information about how to use subtasks, check out this helpful guide.


How Can Subtasks Help My Team?

Subtasks are extremely beneficial for team management and productivity for various reasons. Here’s how they can help your team:

  • Clearer Task Breakdown: Subtasks provide a detailed breakdown, ensuring everyone knows their specific responsibilities and reducing ambiguity in what’s expected.
  • Better Task Delegation: By splitting tasks into smaller components, managers can assign specific parts to team members based on their expertise, ensuring the right person is on the right job.
  • Improved Monitoring: With Subtasks, managers can better track project progress, identifying bottlenecks or areas that need attention more promptly.
  • Efficient Prioritization: Breaking a project into subtasks allows teams to identify and tackle the most urgent or important items first, ensuring timely project completion.
  • Facilitates Collaboration: When team members are aware of interconnected tasks, they can work together more effectively, streamlining processes and promoting teamwork.

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