Popular Support: Introducing our Improved Zendesk Integration

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The latest improvements to our Zendesk integration make incorporating your customer service workflow into MeisterTask easier than ever before. Read on to find out how we’re putting the “great” into this integration.

Popular Support: Introducing our Improved Zendesk Integration

Dedicated software like Zendesk plays a key role across the customer service landscape, empowering companies of all sizes to process customer requests swiftly and efficiently. Although Zendesk leads the way when it comes to support, the hyperconnected modern working ecosystem means that no software is an island.

Bridging the gap between specialized customer service software and task management tools reduces the time wasted on repeating tasks in different apps. If your customer success team uses Zendesk to process tickets and your software team uses a task management tool to respond to bugs and issues, it’s important that these apps talk to each other.

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MeisterTask has made some significant updates to its integration with Zendesk, making it more powerful than ever before. This is a prime example of how two forward-thinking, user-friendly SaaS providers can join together to make processes at any company work seamlessly across platforms. Let’s see how the new, improved MeisterTask for Zendesk can benefit your company.

What’s new?

Everything: it’s a top-to-tail overhaul of the entire integration. We received a huge number of requests and have been working hard to implement your improvement suggestions. Alongside a handful of bug fixes, we’ve added in a few new features. The new improved integration allows you to:

  • Create tasks from tickets without leaving Zendesk.
  • See comments from team members and answer directly.
  • Receive notifications automatically when issues have been solved.

Create tasks quickly and easily

We’ve made it a lot easier for you to create tasks in MeisterTask directly from Zendesk. By reducing the number of clicks it takes to complete this journey, a silky-smooth transition between your support teams and the rest of your company is assured.

No more going into MeisterTask first and creating a link to a specific project: simply select the project and section from the dropdown list and away you go. To make things even easier, each task created from Zendesk will include the ticket ID as well as the user’s email address.

Let’s look step by step at how to create tasks in MeisterTask directly from Zendesk.

  1. Open the ticket in Zendesk, then open the apps panel using the button in the top right.
  2. Select the project and section the task should be created in.
  3. Click Create Task.

  1. Fill out the fields for the task title, assignee, and description.
  2. Click Create Task — et voila! A new task has been born!

Add attachments to tasks from Zendesk

For more complex tickets, attachments in Zendesk can help provide context and clarity. Whether it’s of an error message, a misprinted invoice or a critical bug, a picture can speak a thousand words when it comes to describing the problem.

It’s for this reason that we’ve added the possibility to attach files from Zendesk tickets to MeisterTask tasks, from Zendesk itself. Of course, this feature is only available if the ticket itself has attachments, but presuming it does, here’s how to add files to tasks linked to tickets from Zendesk:

  1. Open the ticket in Zendesk, then open the app panel using the button in the top right.
  2. Click the attachment icon (this icon only appears on tickets with an attachment).


  1. Select the attachment you want to add to your task in MeisterTask, then click Add Attachments.

Not a Zendesk user? Connect MeisterTask to over 2000 applications via Zapier, including Freshdesk. Find out about all our other integrations by visiting our website.

View tasks from MeisterTask in Zendesk

While the smooth flow of Zendesk tickets to MeisterTask tasks is hugely valuable, it is vitally important to maintain an overview of those tasks as they progress through the workflow toward completion. With our latest update, you can see the following information in Zendesk about the tickets you have transferred to MeisterTask:

  • When the task was created.
  • Who the task is assigned to.
  • Any comments associated with the task.
  • When the task was last updated.
  • The current status of the task.

This additional functionality allows you to switch effortlessly between Zendesk and MeisterTask. All MeisterTask tasks created in Zendesk are accessible via the Zendesk app panel, while any MeisterTask tasks associated with a Zendesk ticket can be accessed in the right panel of the task dialog under Integrations. The ability to transition quickly and easily between the tools enables you to observe the workflow as a whole, locate bottlenecks in your processes and increase accountability throughout your organization.

To see further information about a Zendesk ticket from MeisterTask:

  1. Open the task dialog in MeisterTask.
  2. In the bottom right of the task dialog, click Zendesk Ticket under Integrations.

To see further information about a MeisterTask task from Zendesk:

  1. Open the ticket in Zendesk, then open the app panel using the button in the top right.
  2. You’ll be able to see all the details from the linked MeisterTask task in the sidebar.

Try it. Now!

The Zendesk integration is only available to MeisterTask users with a Pro, Business or Enterprise plan. Ready to upgrade? See what’s included in each plan here.

For more detailed information on how the integration works, how to set it up and how to get the best out of it, check out this Zendesk integration help center article.

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