Watch Out! Hot New Updates to MeisterTask for Apple Watch

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Following hot on the heels of our recent updates to MeisterTask on Android and iOS, we’ve made some big changes to our app for Apple Watch. This complete overhaul can help you perform quick actions on your tasks and stay up-to-date with important developments wherever you are. Read on to learn how you can get the most out of some handy new features.

Watch Out! Hot New Updates to MeisterTask for Apple Watch

Our MeisterTask app for Apple Watch is smart, convenient and fun to use. Although you won’t be able to experience our full range of task management features from your smartwatch alone, the app is designed to complement the more detailed task management capabilities of the smartphone and desktop versions of MeisterTask. 

Better still, you can continue enjoying the sleek, simple design of MeisterTask you know and love. Let’s look through some of the most important features in the latest update to MeisterTask for your Apple Watch.

Exploring the App

Home Screen

While this isn’t the first watchOS app we’ve created, it might as well be: the new version is different in almost every aspect to its predecessors, focusing on getting you the information you need in a smart, intelligent way. One of the most notable changes has been to the home screen, where you’ll notice we’ve opted for just four buttons. These work together to provide you with the perfect overview of your tasks when you can’t get to your computer or phone.

  1. Today. Tap here to see all tasks assigned to you that are due today.
  2. Agenda. Shows tasks that are pinned to your Agenda. You can also pin new tasks to your Agenda from their task dialogs (see below).
  3. My Checklist. Tap here to see the list of items added to My Checklist. You’ll need to add items on a desktop version of MeisterTask for them to appear here (read more). 
  4. Notifications. Shows notifications for tasks and projects that are currently being watched or are assigned to you, as well as any mentions you receive from co-collaborators.

Task Lists

Tapping on Today or Agenda from the home screen takes you to the matching task list. Task lists allow you to see a little more information on each task behind your home screen buttons. 

The list itself is split into task tiles. Each task tile shows the name of the task, the name of the project, and the color of the relevant section within the project. Tap any task to see more and open the task dialog.

Task Dialog

The task dialog shows the task name, the project and section the task belongs to, as well as the avatar of the task’s assignee. It also shows the task’s current Agenda section, any checklists associated with the task, and the task’s due date. In short, everything you need to stay up-to-date with your progress.

Using MeisterTask for Apple Watch

We’ve streamlined functionality to focus purely on the features you need most when you’re on the go. However, there are still several important actions on tasks that can be performed quickly and easily from the watch itself — no need to open your computer or phone.

From our Apple Watch app, you can:

  • Pin tasks to your Agenda. Tap the agenda icon in the task dialog and select an agenda section to pin your task to. 
  • Complete tasks. Tap Complete to complete a task from the task dialog. 
  • Reschedule due dates. Tap Due Date to set a new due date for your task from the options in the menu. 
  • Tick off checklist items. Tap Checklist to see all checklist items for the selected task and again on each unchecked item to set it to completed.

  • Manage comments. Tap Comments to open the comment stream for the selected task. You can add and reply to comments on tasks using Scribble, via Dictation or from a list of predefined suggestions. Alternatively, add a smiley reaction to a colleague’s comment to assure them their message has been read.

Remember, any changes you make to tasks will be reflected in the task in all versions of MeisterTask (desktop, mobile and watch).

Get Started!

If you’re already using MeisterTask on iOS, the watchOS app will appear on your Apple Watch automatically. However, if you don’t have the iOS app installed, you’ll need to install the app from your watch. To do this:

  1. Open the App Store app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap the search field at the top of the screen, then enter “MeisterTask” via Scribble or Dictation. 
  3. Tap Get to install the app on your Apple Watch.

Our iOS app is now better than ever before! Download it from our apps page.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy using MeisterTask on your Apple Watch. Tell us all about your mobile task management experiences in the comments on Twitter @MeisterTask!

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