Exciting MeisterTask Updates You May Have Missed

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Here at Meister, we’re always working on the next big thing when it comes to digital task and project management. Although some of our recent developments have been mightily impressive, it’s often the small, but meaningful improvements that make MeisterTask so loved by millions of users worldwide. Read on to find out what’s new in MeisterTask and how you can exploit these neat new features to boost your productivity.

Exciting MeisterTask Updates You May Have Missed

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Our latest batch of updates were designed with one person in mind: you. We use your feedback to make using MeisterTask as simple as possible, as well as to provide enhanced collaboration options with others you work with. Read to find out about recent improvements to attachments, the search and quick switcher features, as well as a smart new addition to Agenda.

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One of the key advantages of using MeisterTask is that it centralizes communication about work where the action happens: on the task itself. Attachments on tasks are a big part of this — they can help a design team give each other feedback on mockup, help a content team evaluate drafts, or enable team members from different departments to ask and answer questions transparently for everyone involved. 

We’ve improved several aspects of task attachment functionality, including:

  • Set favorite attachments. Setting a favorite attachment will set that attachment’s thumbnail to be shown in the task tile.
  • Attachment linking. Use / to generate a link to an attachment in a comment, rather than re-uploading.
  • Rename attachments. Change the name of an attachment in MeisterTask to increase clarity within tasks.
  • New file types supported. Good news for designers and developers! You can now upload .xml and .svg files as attachments to your tasks in MeisterTask.

Find out more about managing attachments in our Help Center.


MeisterTask’s powerful search and quick switcher functions now include the option to search for a task using its URL (from your browser’s navigation bar) or task ID, which can be found in the bottom-right corner of the task dialog. 

You can access search using the magnifying glass in the top-right of the screen, or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+K (Cmd+Shift+K for Mac). The quick switcher is available via Ctrl+K (Cmd+K for Mac).

Find out more about keyboard shortcuts, the quick switcher and other ways to work smarter, not harder in MeisterTask.

Add Agenda Pins From Notifications

If you’re working across multiple projects, you need Agenda. Unique to MeisterTask, this personal, private board, enables you to pin tasks from any project onto customizable sections.

Our revolutionary feature for personal task management has just got even better. You can now add Agenda pins to tasks straight from notifications: whenever a task pops up that you’d like to add to your Agenda for later, simply hover over the notification, click the pin, and choose a section for the task to be added to. It’s never been easier to keep your personal to-dos in check!

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That’s not all! We’ve been working hard over the past few months to improve your task management experience, especially on mobile devices. You can read more about updates to MeisterTask on Android and exciting new features for MeisterTask on iOS, including Agenda, Widgets and Apple Watch updates. 

The fun doesn’t stop with our excellent mobile apps: we’ve improved our offering for our web and desktop users too, with excellent new features including JSON import/export for project templates, extended mentioning and the full release of our updated Reports feature.

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