Agenda: One Board
to Rule Them All

Tasks, meet your match!

  • Create sections,
  • Pin tasks from any project,
  • Prioritize your work.

While MeisterTask generally focuses on teams and how to help them collaborate best, Agenda was made with exactly one person in mind: you.

MeisterTask Pro Feature!

Organize, visualize, and stay on top of your tasks like never before!

What is Agenda?

Agenda is your own personal board. It gives you a new perspective and full control, showing all tasks important to you in one place. Create sections, then pin tasks from any project, assigned to you or not. Customize your Agenda as you see fit.

What’s so special about it?

While most task management tools focus on manager-friendly features like project overviews, MeisterTask’s Agenda was made for individuals. And before, individuals had to jump in and out of project boards, using additional handwritten notes or separate checklists to get everything done.

Not anymore! Gather everything you need to do in one place: Agenda.

How does it work?

Name and arrange sections in the way that makes the most sense for you — by category, due date, stakeholder — the sky’s the limit!

Then drag & drop tasks from the task feed to the sections. Or pin a task to a section directly in the task dialog. Getting organized across all projects just got a whole lot easier.

Agenda is available on MeisterTask —

the online task management tool for teams.

Agenda is only one advantage of MeisterTask. There are many more that will completely change the way you work.

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