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Use MeisterTask to create checklists like never before!

Tempting Templates

Find yourself performing the same task and using the same checklist over and over again?

Optimize your most used checklists, then save them as templates. Simply load the template in a new task and off you go.

Awesome automations

Once you’ve got your templates saved, configure your checklists to load automatically in tasks.

Take it one step further and automate the assigning of those tasks to the right people. Before you know it, you’ll actually have time to get your work done.

Checklists are a key feature of MeisterTask.

Many more fantastic features are waiting for you to discover them in MeisterTask – the online task management tool for teams.

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Get organized with MeisterTask!

Easy to use, mobile, and as always, updated in real time. MeisterTask’s checklists can help you achieve more.

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