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Effective Meeting Management.

A solid meeting management strategy makes your meetings shorter, more relevant and more valuable. Use MeisterNote to plan and run meetings in your organization.


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Team Productivity

Your Meetings, Managed

Meeting Management, Explained.

Achieving productive meetings comes down to fostering a world-class meeting culture: meeting management. A purpose-built meeting management software can help you plan, run and record your standups, one-on-ones and AGMs. With conscious meeting management, you can ensure heightened engagement, more effective discussions and better follow-through on action items.

Make It Matter.

Prepare the Agenda

Bad meetings leaving your team unfocused and frustrated? An effective meeting culture is closer than you think. Use meeting management software to plan agendas collaboratively. Important information is already “in the room” before the meeting begins, improving structure and flow.

Record for Success.

Take Better Minutes

Meetings are for talking, but good ideas can be forgotten if they aren’t recorded. With centralized meeting management software, meeting minutes can be shared instantly. This means that only one person needs to be writing for meeting outcomes to be consistent for everyone.

Get It Done.

Follow It Through

Every good meeting should have a concrete next steps plan: if it doesn’t, your team might wonder why they even met at all. Choose a meeting management tool that integrates with your task management software, and make following through on action items part of your company’s culture.

Better Meetings

Improved Collaboration.

Bad meetings eat time, waste money and produce poor outcomes. If left unchecked, this will impact team motivation and performance. MeisterNote is perfect for improving how meetings are run: use its powerful features to take beautiful minutes, then collaborate effortlessly with colleagues to expand on points before, during and after the meeting.

Effortless Meeting Management

Team, Meet MeisterNote’s Features.

MeisterNote offers a wide range of features that help teams manage their meetings effectively. From the moment you send the first meeting invitation to the point when the last action item is completed, we’ve got you covered.


Get alerted instantly in-app if you’re mentioned in a comment or if someone replies to you in a discussion. Alternatively, activate note watching to get updated whenever someone leaves a comment.


Enter keywords, topics or names into MeisterNote’s powerful search function to browse through meeting minutes effortlessly. Find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Instant Sync

Don’t keep it to yourself! Anything you publish on MeisterNote is updated automatically for all users with access, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and information silos are avoided.

Comments and Mentions

Facilitate clear communication within meeting notes with MeisterNote’s inline commenting functionality. Quickly @mention collaborators to alert them to open questions.

Centralize Information

Boost Efficiency.

Looking for meeting notes is frustrating and time consuming: give your team easy access to accurate information, not an endless search for documents. Use MeisterNote to collect meeting agendas and minutes in one shared platform – a single source of truth sorted by meeting type or date.

  • Create content that inspires your team.
  • Ensure information is formatted and delivered consistently.
  • Avoid cliques and information silos.

Meetings Managed

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Time is Money

Every Minute Counts.

Meetings cost time: about 30% of the working day of an average employee is spent in meetings. Using MeisterNote, you can make your company’s meeting culture more efficient by:

  • Reducing meeting frequency.
  • Reducing meeting participants.
  • Reducing scheduled meeting time.
  • Using MeisterNote to increase meeting effectiveness.

Integrate with 20+ tools you already use.


“I like the possibility of making minutes in MeisterNote. It makes it easy to share and spread information in my team.”

Matthias Sieber

Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA

Securing Your Ideas

Your Privacy. Our Priority.

Meister is ISO 27001:2013-certified! We meet the leading international standard on information security management. Our Trusted Cloud certified service, MeisterNote, is fully EU-GDPR compliant. Servers are located in the European Union at a certified data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

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