Event Planning with Mind Maps (Tutorial + Example)

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a press conference or a corporate event, maintaining a good overview of all your resources, tasks, deadlines and stakeholders is key. A mind map is a fantastic format for event planning as it enables you to collect all information related to the event in a centralized place, invite your co-organizers to collaborate with you, and go efficiently from brainstorming to execution. Read article “Event Planning with Mind Maps (Tutorial + Example)”

Building Knowledge Maps With MindMeister and G Suite

Before coming to MeisterLabs I worked as an assistant for a publishing house that – due to its stressful working environment – had extremely high employee turnover rates. When I first got there, my predecessor had already left. With her she had taken all the knowledge she had acquired over the 3 years that she’d been there, from the names of important press contacts to the print specifications of the books the company was publishing. I spent around 90% of my first six months there trying to reconstruct workflows, gather information and rebuild connections – an incredible waste of time and resources. Read article “Building Knowledge Maps With MindMeister and G Suite”

Willpower: Train Your Brain to Do The Things That Matter Most

I struggle constantly with willpower, and I know that I’m not alone. It seems like in this modern age it’s harder than ever to convince ourselves to do the important stuff, whether that’s work, getting in shape, taking care of ourselves, or […]

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Online Brainstorming with Mind Maps (Tutorial)

Online Brainstorming with Mind Maps

“Brainstorming”: the term is common both in professional and educational contexts, and you’ve probably heard it countless times in your life. You probably also have a pretty good notion of what a brainstorming is all about—generating ideas, making decisions, coming up with creative solutions […]

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