4 Steps to Creating an Editorial Calendar

With over 2 million new blog posts published online everyday, it’s vital that the content we produce is fresh, informative and useful. With an editorial calendar you can organize deadlines, guest bloggers and team members, all in one place, helping to ensure that content is well-planned, well-timed and high-quality. Instead of flooding your blog with.. Continue Reading

MeisterTask Survey: Interesting and Funny Insights

About 4 weeks ago we sent out a QuestionPro survey to all of our users – the very first survey in the history of MeisterTask. We wanted to find out how people are using our tool, what they aim to achieve from using it, what they like about it, and which – if any – key features they’re.. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Apply Project Management Ideas in Your School

This is a guest post by James Hannam. James is the cofounder & owner of LearnMaker, a Department for Education Specialist School Advisor, Educational Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author. This post is part of our back to school series. I have experienced the frustrations and challenges that leaders in schools face from both sides of the.. Continue Reading

Downtime Statement: What happened and how did we fix it?

Last night we experienced some connectivity issues with MeisterTask, meaning many customers were unable to use the tool. We apologize unreservedly for any inconvenience this downtime caused. The problem has occurred a few times over the past few weeks and we had a difficult time finding the cause of it. It turns out the issues.. Continue Reading

Time Tracking Matters: Integrate MeisterTask and TimeCamp via Zapier!

Whether you’re about to begin a significant freelance task, or planning the logistics of a house move, being both well organized and able to intelligently manage your time is essential. While most people are well aware of the benefits of using a good task management system to stay organized, many have never thought of using.. Continue Reading