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Ingdilligenz: Helping Companies Make More Sustainable Decisions With Data.

Making business decisions with both the short and long-term impact in mind is key, and never more so than when it comes to our planet. With this in mind, in 2021, Jana Ingendahl and Marcus Dill set out to shape a more sustainable future. Their goal: help companies achieve ethically responsible and sustainable business transformation using data.

Jana and Marcus had hit upon a real problem in how ESG (environmental, social and governance) frameworks were being applied: the data to make informed decisions simply wasn’t there. Now, Jana and her 13-person team of sustainability consultants are dedicated to closing this gap. To keep their data and projects not only organized but also secure, the team relies on two tools: MeisterTask and MindMeister.

“My business partner Marcus and I want to leave behind a better world for his children – and for everyone. Together, we developed new approaches to sustainability reporting, and have been using this to guide companies in sustainable decision-making ever since. Meister software helps us to achieve this goal.”

Jana Ingendahl

CEO, Ingdilligenz

The Problem: Balancing Agility with Sustainability.

Before founding Ingdilligenz, Jana studied Business Informatics. She then went on to work in process and data management at Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Würzburg, where she got to see first-class project management – as well as MeisterTask and MindMeister – in action. She knew that when she founded her own company, she would bring these Agile project management tools with her.

But not at any price. Jana always carefully considers her personal cost-benefit ratio. The software she and her team use has to support agile and flexible working while also taking sustainability into account.

 “At Ingdilligenz, we aim to minimize data waste and eliminate duplicate tasks. Since we use older, refurbished equipment, the ability to use the software via the browser is essential. MeisterTask and MindMeister help us streamline data across devices, reducing the need for internal storage and IT support, and thereby cutting costs.”

For Jana, sustainability is more “than just planting trees.” When selecting new tools, governance, usability, and data protection dictate the decision-making process. Jana explains:

 “We chose MeisterTask and MindMeister because Meister prioritizes data security and data protection. Additionally, the tools can be accessed in the browser and are extremely easy to use.”

Jana tried other project management tools – such as Jira and Confluence – earlier in her career. For those navigating the saturated productivity software market, Jana offers two pieces of advice: pay attention to what the team really needs, and make sure the tool is enjoyable to work with.

 “Jira and Confluence are complex tools. They have a lot of features, which can create confusion and slow teams down. Our small, distributed team works on many different projects at the same time. As such, we need a tool that we can navigate quickly and easily so everyone is always up to date. MeisterTask is the perfect “light” project management tool. It’s lean and fun, with a clean design. It has no unnecessary features – only those that are actually useful.”

The Solution: Easy Team Organization With Boards, Instant Presentations With Maps.

Jana and her team use several tools for communication, data storage and organization. For example, documents are stored on SharePoint and Microsoft Teams serves as a meeting tool. They use MeisterTask for day-to-day work and to organize their weekly alignments. Jana explains:

 “MeisterTask is the perfect solution for us to organize our distributed team. Our colleagues who work 100% remotely can easily keep track of progress thanks to MeisterTask’s cloud computing, easy-to-use Kanban boards and handy mobile app.”

Jana’s small marketing team uses Kanban boards in MeisterTask to stay organized. They have a weekly meeting where they discuss upcoming content, topics to be covered and future team events. Her favorite column is the “Achievements” (“Erfolge”) column:

As a busy entrepreneur, Jana loves automations that simplify her life.

 “I use the “Recurring Task” and “Send Email” automations to simplify things like regular travel expenses, meetings, or content planning for social media.”

Recurring Tasks automatically appear in the “To do” column at the end of each month, along with a corresponding due date for invoicing. Jana says:

 “I get an email reminding me of tasks due within the next few days. If a task is incomplete by the deadline, I receive another email on the day to remind me.”

Ingdilligenz uses MindMeister mind maps to present the complex sustainability landscape to customers in a simple, visual way. They also use maps to keep track of industry developments internally.

 “Presentations in MindMeister are extremely helpful. We don’t have to create an extra presentation elsewhere – we can clearly present information, such as legal requirements, with one click.”

If you’re curious about the EU sustainability landscape, take a closer look at this meticulously organized mind map from Jana and her team.

The Result: Robust Security, Less Data Waste – and a Happy Team.

For Jana, Meister’s approach to data security is a significant advantage. Rigorous security measures make it possible for the team to manage their many projects from start to finish, while collaborating efficiently from various locations in Germany.

“Meister’s data centers are ISO-certified and all data is stored in Europe. This is invaluable for both our team and our customers.”

In addition to security, the flexibility of Meister tools and the ability to centralize all project data are key benefits for the Ingdilligenz team. Project stakeholders can easily access the information they need, whenever they need it – no matter their location.

“Meister software allows us to collaborate from anywhere easily and asynchronously. Projects in MeisterTask and Folders in MindMeister help us to balance this flexibility with a structured approach. We sort tasks and ideas by topic to maintain a clear project overview.”

The MeisterTask-MindMeister integration helps the team reduce steps in their workflows, keeping them agile and sustainable.

“I love the compatibility of MeisterTask and MindMeister. When I need to work through new requirements in a short period of time, I put everything into a mind map for a broad overview. Then, I define the different tasks and milestones related to the topic – and create MeisterTask tasks for each action point directly in the mind map.”

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