MeisterTask vs. Microsoft Planner

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What sets us apart?

For Microsoft Business or Enterprise users, we know that using Microsoft Planner seems convenient. But convenience isn’t all that matters.

When it comes to features that help teams excel and reach their productivity goals, MeisterTask has got you covered. Here is a detailed feature comparison between MeisterTask and Microsoft Planner, so you can see what sets MeisterTask apart.



Microsoft Planner

Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Tasks

Unlimited Project

Only if they are part of your team and also have a Microsoft Enterprise license. Collaborating with people outside your organization is not possible.

Unlimited Integrations

(The ability to connect this product to other products that you use for work e.g. email, calendar, Sales CRM)

Quick access to other Microsoft products, but integrations with Outlook and To Do only.

Copy Projects/Plans

(The ability to copy projects or plans.)


(A personal board to organize your tasks across all projects.)


(Configure automatic actions within your projects. E.g. automatically assign tasks to a particular project member.)

Time Tracking

(Know exactly how long it takes to complete a task by tracking the time you spend on it.)

Deep Microsoft 365 Integration

Sign in with your Microsoft 365 account, integrate your projects in Microsoft Teams, get automatic notifications in Microsoft 365 Groups, turn emails into tasks with our Outlook Add-in.

Email notifications to Outlook only.

Priority Settings

(The ability to categorize tasks according to priority: high, medium, low)


(View all your tasks with start and end dates as a timeline on a calendar.)

Recurring Tasks

(Trigger tasks that you have to do repetitively to recur automatically.)

Custom Fields

(Define customized fields within a task where additional information can be placed.)

Multiple Checklists

(Create more than one checklist in a task. Save them as templates that can be reused.)

Mentions in Comments

(Specifically tag or mention individuals you need responses from in a task using @.)

Task Relationships

(Visualize task dependencies and make sure task owners get notified when a related task is completed.)

Search Function

(Use full-text to search for tasks through all projects.)


• Windows
• Mac
• iOS
• Android
• Huawei App Gallery

• iOS
• Android

Roles and Permissions

Manage your team: Control the level of access users have to a project (read-only, comment only or edit rights), manage integrations, and  automations at a project level. 

Limited, by default all team members who have access to a project (plan) can comment, edit and access all tasks.

Security Restrictions

(The ability to restrict certain features for your team members such as statistics, integrations, or sharing projects with people outside your organization.)

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