The Bigger Picture. Now Included with MeisterTask.

MeisterTask and MeisterNote Are Moving in Together.

Your projects are about to get even better. Your MeisterTask plan now gives you permanent access to project documentation in MeisterNote – with no extra costs. Ready to see the bigger picture?

Meet Your New Tool.

Introducing MeisterNote.

MeisterNote is your new project documentation tool – now included in your MeisterTask plan. From planning your projects, to documenting progress, to communicating the results – MeisterNote makes working in MeisterTask even better.

The Simple Way to Document Your Projects.

Starting with MeisterNote is Easy.

MeisterNote is now included with your MeisterTask plan… so let’s get to work! Open the door to the bigger picture by keeping projects and documentation where they belong: together.

Go to MeisterTask.

Projects and documentation live together. From MeisterTask, you can easily switch to MeisterNote and back.

Find MeisterNote.

Find the product switcher – it’s next to your profile picture – and use it to go straight to MeisterNote.


You made it. Take a look around the MeisterNote dashboard, make your first notes, and invite your team!

Use MeisterTask and MeisterNote Together

Project Documentation Made Simple.

Want to Start Documenting Today?

Watch and Learn.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how you can get the most from MeisterTask and MeisterNote together. Your team will love it!

From Start to Finish.

MeisterNote + MeisterTask = Success.

MeisterTask helps you track every detail, on every task, on every project. Need a new perspective? Add MeisterNote and see the bigger picture: structured project documentation that helps your team work even better with MeisterTask.

Checkmark Project Planning

MeisterNote gives your project team and stakeholders an easy-access overview of the time and resources needed to complete your project. With this information, execution in MeisterTask is much easier.

Checkmark Project Documentation

Share decisions, milestones and interim results in MeisterNote as your project progresses. This centralized, single source of truth keeps your team and stakeholders in the loop – providing transparency and freedom to get things done.

Checkmark Project Communication

By communicating learnings in MeisterNote, you can ensure that everyone benefits from your projects’ success. Add retrospectives and lessons learned to your documentation to add even more knowledge to your organization’s shared brain.

Make Project Work… Work Better.

It’s Time to See the Bigger Picture.

Project Work, Unlimited.

Let’s Get Down to Business.

Everything’s better with Business – when you upgrade your MeisterTask plan, you get unlimited project documentation with MeisterNote too. Don’t let anything hold your team back: unleash the power of your projects with the best features of MeisterTask + MeisterNote.

Why Use MeisterTask and MeisterNote?

The Benefits are Endless.


Save Time.

Teams waste time looking for information. When everything you need is in MeisterNote, you’ll slash turnaround times and make your team a productivity machine.


See the Big Picture.

Clarity = success. It’s easy to keep stakeholders in the loop with MeisterNote. When everyone knows what has been done… everyone knows what to do.


Optimize, Continually.

Never stop learning. MeisterNote gives everyone access to your team’s project results. Continual development from pure, focused hive mind.

Your Questions, Answered

MeisterTask Meets MeisterNote: the FAQs.


What is MeisterNote, and how can it help my team?

MeisterNote is a collaborative online documentation tool for teams. You can use it to plan, document and communicate the results of your projects for a better overview.


I already pay for MeisterTask. Will I be charged more now?

No. You get a MeisterNote license (seat) for each MeisterTask seat you pay for. For example, if you have 10 MeisterTask Business seats, you get 10 MeisterNote Business seats to match.


Has the MeisterTask-MeisterNote integration changed?

No – if you already used the integration, you can carry on using it as before. As a bonus, it is now much easier to switch between tools via the product switcher.


Does Adding MeisterNote change MeisterTask’s security?

No. The combination of MeisterNote and MeisterTask does not affect your security. Meister is still ISO 27001:2013 certified, and all our tools are both EU-hosted and GDPR-compliant. In MeisterTask, all existing security features remain the same. MeisterNote also offers the highest security standards in data, network and application security.


Can I purchase MeisterNote on its own?

No. Access to MeisterNote is included with every MeisterTask license, but it cannot be purchased separately. To add MeisterNote users to your team, you will need to purchase MeisterTask licenses for them. If you already pay for MeisterNote licenses, you will only need to pay for your MeisterTask licenses in future. We have sent you more information via email.


I’ve never used MeisterNote before. Where can I learn more?

You learn more about MeisterNote on our website. There is also guidance for your first steps with MeisterNote (including note templates) in the tool itself. There are also video tutorials on our YouTube channel, as well as a collection of how-to guides in the Help Center. To learn more about using MeisterNote from experienced users, check out the Meister Community.

More Questions? Need to Talk?

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