Google Apps Developers Blog: MindMeister and Google Drive

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MindMeister is a market innovator for providing collaborative online mind mapping solutions. Launched in May 2007, our site has since attracted hundreds of thousands of businesses, academic institutions and creative consumers who have mapped over 100 million ideas online. We were one of a few web applications invited to take part in the Google Drive launch earlier this year. Read article “Google Apps Developers Blog: MindMeister and Google Drive”

Introducing: MindMeister Presentation Mode

MindMeister's presentation mode

Mind maps are a great format to present information to others because they display hierarchies and connections and let you see the “bigger picture”. But sometimes, a mind map becomes too big and too complex to effectively use it as a presentation tool. That’s why we’ve added an amazing new feature to MindMeister that lets you turn your mind maps into slideshows, with each slide focusing on only a few individual topics at a time. Read article “Introducing: MindMeister Presentation Mode”